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RS Aero UK Spring Championship - Island Barn, Surrey, UK
27/04/2019 - 27/04/2019


RS Aero UK Spring Championship, Island Barn, Surrey, UK, Saturday 27th April
Round 1 of the UK Southern Circuit
Round 2 on  the Thames Valley Mini Series
Wow! What a day!
Well done to everyone involved for making the most of a very challenging day as storm Hannah cancelled sailing across much of the UK.
- 46 entries
- 38 took to the water
- 25 completed at least one race, which was a challenge in it's self!
- 13 completed a series, finishing 4 or 5 races 
The RS Aero summer season kicked of with a vengeance on Saturday with weather warnings as Storm Hannah ravaged the UK. The RS Aero Spring Champs are the start of the Class’ UK Southern Circuit and Round 2 of the Thames Valley Mini Series. It was with some trepidation that the RS Aero’s arrived at Island Barn Reservoir, a raised lake with a nice clear wind (oh dear!), at the western side of London.

In all, 46 sailors had pre-entered, including 5 charter RS Aeros supported by RS Sailing, and to their credit 38 of those ventured out into the storm. With the likelihood of some significant wind during the day the fleet sensibly made use of their option to downsize, saving a good days racing. This produced two good fleets of RS Aero 5s and RS Aero 7s. The RS Aero 9s all remained tightly rolled in their bags - surplus to requirements!

By the start of Race 2 the morning wind peaked with 34kn gusts which provided a challenge for the fleet just to squeak through the start line in good order! Making effective headway upwind against the gale was a new challenge for many young guns - but they learn quickly. The sailors were rewarded with wild rides back downwind. The blast reaches where incredible and the runs bracing - the key being choosing the moment in which to throw a gybe!

A break for lunch saw the fleet fortified by IBRSC’s excellent galley, ready for 3 more ballistic races in the afternoon! The forecasted drop never materialised with gusts peaking at 37kn for most of the afternoon. It was evident that the sailors were becoming hardened to the conditions and techniques that had been a challenge in the morning were dealt with more effectively in the afternoon. Considering the buffeting the fleet were taking it was fabulous to see 12 RS Aeros still out to finish the 5th and final race of the day - and no broken spars to report!

The RS Aero 5s were dominated by Jonathan Bailey (Grafham) and Gareth Griffiths (Island Barn) with two wins apiece. Sammy IJ (Maidenhead) had taken a couple of early 2nds and Ned Stattersfield (Wells) was coming good by the end of the day with a 2,1. Jonathan took the overall win and top Youth title, leaving Gareth to settle for 1st Master in 2nd overall. Completing the podium was top Lady, Lynn Billowes (Warsash), demonstrating the full diversity of the RS Aero 5 fleet. Top Youth Lady was Iona Willows (Dorchester SC) ably taking on the challenge that Storm Hannah had thrown down.

The RS Aero 7s saw Liam Willis (Lymington Town), Peter Barton (Lymington Town) and Tim Hire (Royal Lymington) sharing the wins nicely, with all three tied on 5 points going into the final race! Liam and Peter looked good off the port-biased start. However, starboard was the headed tack and Tim was sailing fast on the opposite side whilst also taking good shifts. He came out clear ahead near the top of the first beat, never to be caught, to take the overall win and top Youth RS Aero 7 title too.

Following Island Barn’s splendid afternoon tea & cake the prize giving included the presentation of the awards from the RS Aero UK Winter Series and Winter Championships, supported by Rooster. A draw for a 50% sail voucher, kindly provided by RS Sailing, was made from the 21 sailors who had qualified in the Winter Series. First out of the hat was Nigel Rolfe, our UK Class Chairman, who despite having stayed home with the prospect of a little breeze was allowed to keep it!

Many thanks to Island Barn RSC for providing the RS Aeros with a huge day out. Eespecially to those volunteers out on the water who took the brunt of Hannah’s ferocity, too help make a memorable day’s sailing possible.

Next up for the RS Aeros is Yorkshire Dales SC this weekend, 4/5th May, in the North followed by the Burghfield SC Sustainability Open in the South on the 11th (charters available!). Full details of all UK events and charter RS Aero opportunities, can be found on the RS Aero UK Events List.
Larger Photos thank to Jim Champ & Andrew Peaty
Flickr Album another 163 excellent photos by Jim Champ 


5 races, 1 discard
RS Aero 5                    
Rank Sail Name Club Cat R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Nett
1st 2442 Jonathan Bailey Grafham SC Y 1 1 2 -4 3 11 7
2nd 2113 Gareth Griffiths Island Barn RSC M (22DN) 6 1 1 2 32 10
3rd FRA 18 Lynn Billowes Warsash SC L -6 4 3 5 4 22 16
4th 2325 Ned Stattersfield Wells-Next-The-Sea Y 5 (22DN) 9 2 1 39 17
5th 1747 Andrew Cooney Broadwater SC M 7.5 3 -8 6 5 29.5 21.5
6th 1739 David Cherrill Broadwater SC   7.5 5 7 3 (22 DN) 44.5 22.5
7th 2727 David Peaty Hollowell SC Y 9 7 4 (22DN) 6 48 26
8th 2552 Sammy Isaacs-Johnson Maidenhead SC   2 2 6 (22DN) 22DN 54 32
9th 1809 Iona Willows Dorchester SC Y L 3 (22 DN) 5 8 22DN 60 38
10th 2105 Lily Barrett Island Barn RSC Y L 4 (22RET) 12 7 22RET 67 45
11th 2724 Josie Meredith Papercourt SC Y L 12 8 10 (22DN) 22DN 74 52
12th 11 Maxi Tustain Island Barn RSC Y 11 (22DN) 11 22DN 22DN 88 66
13th 1685 Lucy Greenwood Oxford SC / Oxford Uni L 10 (22DN) 22DN 22DN 22DN 98 76
14th 1099 Ralph Nevile Grafham SC Y 13 (22DN) 22DN 22DN 22DN 101 79
15th 2100 Julie Willis Lymington Town SC L (22DN) 22DN 22DN 22DN 22DN 110 88
15th 2113 Chris Smith Island Barn RSC   (22DN) 22DN 22DN 22DN 22DN 110 88
15th 2708 Maisie Bristow Island Barn RSC Y L (22DN) 22DN 22DN 22DN 22DN 110 88
15th 1566 Yana Skvortsova Island Barn RSC Y L (22DN) 22DN 22DN 22DN 22DN 110 88
15th 2555 Giles Baker Datchet Water SC Y (22RET) 22DN 22DN 22DN 22DN 110 88
15th 1454 Elliot Toms Fowey Gallants SC Y (22DN) 22DN 22DN 22DN 22DN 110 88
15th 1964 Alice Lucy Rutland SC Y L (22DN) 22DN 22DN 22DN 22DN 110 88
RS Aero 7                    
Rank Sail Name Club Cat R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Nett
1st 2439 Tim Hire Royal Lym YC / LTSC Y 1 3 1 -5 1 11 6
2nd 2810 Peter Barton Lymington Town SC   2 2 -3 1 2 10 7
3rd 2727 Liam Willis Lymington Town SC   -9 1 2 2 4 18 9
4th 2441 Jeff Davison Island Barn RSC   3 -6 6 3 3 21 15
5th 2188 Mark Addison Upper Thames SC   4 4 4 4 -5 21 16
6th 2808 Griff Tanner Tamesis   -7 7 5 6 6 31 24
7th 2550 Chris Jones Sutton Bingham SC M 8 5 (28DN) 28DN 28DN 97 69
8th 2738 Spike Daniels Hayling Island SC   5 (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 117 89
9th 1544 James Witts Queen Mary SC   6 (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 118 90
10th 2806 Andy Harris Tamesis   (28DN) 28DN 7 28DNF 28DNF 119 91
11th 2784 Richard Barker Island Barn RSC   (28DN) 28DN 8 28DN 28DN 120 92
12th 2142 Tom Russell Island Barn RSC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2502 Peter Chaplin Burghfield SC M (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2168 Tomaso Macchi Weston SC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2223 Mark Fox Lee on Solent SC M (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2427 Nigel Rolfe Burghfield SC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2717 Chris Harrup Burghfield SC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2807 Alex Reeve Burghfield SC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2616 Andy Godwin Island Barn RSC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2786 Andy Norman Island Barn RSc   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2346 Ben Rolfe Burghfield SC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2148 Gareth Griffiths Island Barn RSC M (28DNS) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 1490 Graham Platt Highcliffe SC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2807 Andy Harris Tamesis   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 1336 Joe Gallivan Lymington Town SC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2785 John Kewley Island Barn RSC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
12th 2318 Karl Thorne Lymington Town SC   (28DN) 28DN 28DN 28DN 28DN 140 112
Y = Youth                    
L = Lady                      
M = Master  

Due to the conditions and the number of competitors who did not finish a race IBRSC were unable to reliably distinguish between DNC, DNS and RET scores, and between those who attended and those who entered before the day and didn't attend the event. Accordingly the results show DN for all these codes. Apologies, IBRSC. 

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