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24/11/2019 17:03:00

Peter Barton
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How to insert an Image into a forum post; 
(This guide is as how it works on an Apple MacBook, other devices may have varying functionality) 
1) Click on the 'Insert Image' icon on the right end of the tool bar at the top of a forum post/reply text box
2) The 'Insert Image' dialogue box will appear. Wait for 'Upload Files' button to appear within it after a short delay.
3) Click on the 'Upload Files' button
4) Select an image to upload from your device (File names must not have any spaces or special characters in them, max size 1000k).
5) Click 'Open' button
6) Wait for the image to upload
7) Alignment - Leave at 'Not Set' if you want it full width or to remain on he left. Select 'Right' to put it to the right of your text.
8) Width - For a picture to be full screen width setting the width to 700 seems to fit a computer screen well. If you want to set the picture to the right of your text then setting the width to 350 is a good default.
9) Click on 'Insert'.
10) To edit the image first highlight it and then either double left click to return to the 'Insert Image' dialogue box or move it to a different position by dragging it.

Adding a web link to an Image;
If you want to add a web link to an image that you have added;
1) Highlight to image.
2) Click on the 'Insert Link' icon 3rd from the right in the tool bar above the text box
3) The 'Properties' dialogue box will appear.
4) Paste the complete Url (including the http...) into that box.
5) Confirm the 'Type' (http:// , https:// , mailto: etc..)
6) Click 'OK' button.
*This post has examples of a 350 and 700 wide images


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