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01/09/2019 23:43:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2830
RS Aero European Championships 2019 - Top Tips from Day 3
RS Aero 5 - Liina Kolk EST
"Work hard on your speed downwind as well as upwind"

RS Aero 7 - Tim Hire GBR
"Upwind - put the bow down through the waves and then go for pointing again in the flatter bits"

RS Aero 9 - Liam Willis GBR 
"Ease vang/kicker before the windward mark for an easier & faster bear away" 

01/09/2019 23:39:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2830
RS Aero European Championships 2019 - Top Tips from Day 2
RS Aero 5 - Vlad Ivanovskiy RUS
"Pin start! - to win the left, but be patient...."

RS Aero 7 - Paul McMahon IRE
"Upwind - put the bow down for speed, then go for pointing"

RS Aero 9 - Greg Bartlett GBR
"Choose your moments to turn on the downwind, when you have good flow across the sail and a good wave opportunity"  

01/09/2019 23:35:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2830
from the
RS Aero European Championships, Malcesine, Garda, Italy, August 2019

Thanks to the support from Rooster, Selden, RS Sailing and RS Sailing Italia daily awards ceremonies were held each day awarding achievements throughout the fleet with a fantastic spread of prizes and the Rooster podium bibs were redistributed ready for the next day's racing.

As is customary, the winners of the three RS Aero fleets each day generously shared their Top-Tips of what had worked well for them on the race course that day. Fortunately RS Sailing Media was there to capture it on video afterwards for everyone to benefit!
RS Aero European Championship 2019 - Top Tips from Day 1
RS Aero 5 - Attila Banyai HUN
"Don't go all the way to a long lay line in case the wind shifts later" 
RS Aero 7 - Craig Williamson GBR
"Protect the left!"
RS Aero 9 - Chris Larr GBR
"Use more kicker for pointing in the breeze, downhaul when overpowered, but leave some belly low down" 


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