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I have about 80 cm left from a similar repair (dropped mast too quick and cracked a bit). Good news is the repeair has held for over a year and still looking good. Would you like me to send you about 40CM. I think I used 20 cm even though the gap was a bit smaller just to give enough area to glue.  PM me where to send it unless you are local to surrey and can pick it up. [email protected]

Island barn

09/05/2022 13:58:00
Posts: 171
Dropped my mast yesterday an took a small chunk out of the top section mast track .. just about 3 inches long but enough to let the bolt rope pop out every time i hoist the sail.
So I need to repair it but I only need about 6-8 inches of mastrack .. and definitely not the metre long length sold by RS for £30.
So has anyone done a mastrack repair recently and have a short length left over that they dont need and would sell on... if you do please can you drop me a reply.
Also .. I have some resin to glue the new track onto the mast .. but does anyone have any tips for getting the old one off ?? .. Im loathe to get a chisel anywhere near to a carbon mast , so is there a solvent that will soften up the factory resin.
Any help gratefully received... as at the moment I have to keep capsizing the boat to get the sail past the gap.
Steve (Wiggle 1790)
07860 549939

08/05/2022 13:19:00
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