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Hi JD,
Sorry to hear that.
I recommend you contact RS Sailing Customer Support <[email protected]> for the best solution.

13/02/2023 13:11:00
Peter Barton
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I have the same problem. About 60 percent of the track on the upper mast section has become detached. 
Can any recommend a repair technique? Presumably I can stick it with some type of epoxy?
The boat is about 4 years old but with lighter use and the section is always covered when not in use.


13/02/2023 07:05:00
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10/08/2021 21:19:00
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buy the applicator, https://krayden.com/buy/devcon-1-1-50ml-gun-px14280.htmlnd
several mixing nozzles https://www.blasterstool.com/devcon14285mixingnozzlesfor50mlcartridge12pkg.aspx
There are several places to buy these items I got mine from Amazon of course. And there is plenty of instructional video on how to use these things on YouTube

08/08/2021 02:49:00
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Hi Chris,

RS is good about honoring the boat's one-year warranty -- BUT your dealer must advocate for you.

I had a chunk of the sail track in the upper mast of my Aero 9 break way this summer while the boat was only 9 months old. My sales rep, Bo of Zim Sailing of Newport Rhode Island, persuaded RS (over the course of several calls) to comp me a new upper mast. This was not a cheap part to ship because it's too big for UPS. Nevertheless, RS covered the part and the shipping.

I would affirmatively investigate a warranty replacement.


08/08/2021 01:04:00
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Hi Chris,

I have the same problem with the center section of the upper mast track.
I think the main cause is the long exposure of carbon and glue to the sun that could have dry the adhesive (my Aero stays for the entire summer on the beach) and a capsize event.
I am searching for some advice about what kind of glue or resin to apply to fix the track to the mast again.
Anyone has an idea?

07/08/2021 21:52:00
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Id say if its under a year old RS should be replacing it for you pronto!

27/08/2020 18:08:00
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Has anyone experienced the mast track separating from the mast.  About 50% of the mast track pulled away from the mast (it was the upper section, and the middle of that).  Any experience with repair would be appreciated.  I could find no results through searching so I am assuming this is rare.  It's a new boat/mast with less than 25 hours sailing.

27/08/2020 14:56:00
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