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Home >> Technical >> Vertical Crease in Sail
01/10/2019 12:26:00

Jonathan Rickels
Posts: 75
Have applied the spinnaker repair tape, and it has substantially reduced the crease.
It is probably, almost certainly, not within the class rules:-
C10 Sails 
C.10.1 Modifications Maintenance and Repair
(e) ... 'Any repair shall not be used to reinforce an existing part or add a function.'
But will suffice for club racing until I can acquire a new sail.

09/09/2019 18:02:00

Jonathan Rickels
Posts: 75
My 7 sail has developed a short vertical crease at the inboard end of the 3rd batten; 3rd from top, and highest non adjustable batten.
Vertical length does not extend beyond the two panels above & below the 3rd Batten. 
The inboard end of the batten appears to be engaged OK in the elastic loop at the inboard end of the pocket. 
All sail setting controls are adjusted as they were pre-crease: halyard, outhaul, downhaul, & kicker.
The sail is the age of the boat, 5 years in November, and is the most (ab?) used.
One piece of advice tells me this is a sign of localised sail stretch and wear and the only remedy is to replace the sail.
Does anyone in the CA have an opinion, or have experienced similar, and if they have is there anything I can do about it; even short term temporary? 
My thinking is to put some spinnaker repair tape along the sail horizontal seam overlapping the batten pocket, say by half the batten length and extending beyond the inner end of the pocket by the same amount to add some local stiffening.
Is this likely to affect?
And would it be legal, within class rules, ( I suspect not ) for use in the upcoming Masters & Ladies Inlands at Rutland?
I'd rather not purchase a new sail at this time, and the RS new season offer is for delivery in the March 2020 timeframe; which is preferred.


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