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Hi, I've got a crack just ahead of the centerboard case under the hull. Would that be the same sort of problem you discussed above?

26/10/2021 16:31:00
Posts: 6
I had the significant crack in leading edge of the case, also caused by hitting submerged object on the lake where I sail here in Melbourne Australia. Was taking on a litre or two of water each sailing session. Expertly repaired by Michael Bunyard down at RBYC, covered by insurance. RS were very helpful supplying specs for materials and critical structure. Michael used same technique where he went in via hole/s cut through the non-slip at front of the case, bandaged, refinished non slip and gelcoat inside the case, and I can't see where he did the repair 🙂. Definitely a job for an expert, cost about 1/6th of cost of a new boat.

21/07/2019 05:37:00
RonF 'Delphine'
Posts: 28
I had a similar problem with a similar cause last October.  
I was able to get it repaired under my insurance, only paying the £75 excess.
Customer service at RS provided technical details I could share with the professional repairer. I used Bryan Willis Marine in Larne (NI) and he was very good.  
He cut two holes into the deck and conducted the repair to the front of the daggerboard slot through those. While he was there he noticed another crack between the daggerboard slot and bottom of hull which he also fixed.
While I'll happily tackle a few repairs myself e.g. the mast ring retrofit/upgrade, in hindsight I am really glad I left that one to the professional.

18/07/2019 14:28:00
Posts: 5
After steaming into a submerged rock last weekend I have just noticed a small vertical crack at the top front edge of the dagger board case.  Not surprising really. I will grind it out and put a carbon bandage on the inside.  Has anyone got any experience of a similar fix on an Aero before I get the grinder out?

17/07/2019 21:45:00
Simon Ballantine
Posts: 2

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