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Home >> Technical >> Gunwhale Cracked along top surface
06/10/2018 01:32:00

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Just closing the loop for people's reference in Future.
Sailing Raceboats Aust have swapped over the boat to a new boat (they even gave me a discount for the inconvenience of dealing with the issue).  Their professionalism and friendly attitude toward the situation has been fantastic and worthy of a mention. 

Big thumbs up.

With the customer experience that they have shown with me reflective of what they're doing to building the class here in Aust, we are in good hands.

Looks like it might just be an unfortunate one off issue on that boat, so with some assembly time tomorrow I'll be back unsuccessfully chasing better sailors by next week-end.


25/09/2018 10:14:00

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The Aust Dealer is getting in touch with RS in the UK and will let me know. 
 Hopefully it all works out o.k. until then I'm back in my trusty laser.

25/09/2018 08:06:00

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I also bought an ex demo boat 2 years ago in the UK - 1743. 
 - it came with "full RS warranty"  
Below I have posted the warranty section from the RS terms of business as I'm guessing from your post that you may not have this info. I hope RS will sort it out for you. Cheers Neil
7.1 The Company warrants to the Customer that the Goods will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period
of twelve months from the date of delivery to the Customer (the “warranty period”). Provided the Customer makes a full
inspection of the Goods immediately upon receipt and thereafter gives the Company written notice containing full particulars of
any defects it discovers and the circumstances in which such defects occurred, the Company shall, at its sole option, either
repair, replace or give credit for price of any such Goods which its examination confirms are defective in material or in
workmanship within the warranty period provided that the Customer has adhered to the payment provisions herein and further
provided that:
a). The Customer returns the defective Goods to the Company or its authorised service depot (as directed by the Company)
and pays all transportation charges, duties and taxes associated with the repair, replacement and return of the Goods to the
Customer, or:
b). If, at the Company’s option, the Company arranges for a technician to visit the Customer’s location to repair or replace the
defective Goods, the Customer pays all transportation charges for the technician and his equipment, including any applicable
duties and taxes, accommodation and living expenses and normal charges for the technician’s time while travelling and for
delays beyond the Company’s control (save that the Customer shall not be liable for any charge in respect of the technician’s
time on site actually engaged in carrying out the repair or replacement of such defective Goods).
7.2 The repair or replacement of defective Goods during the warranty period in accordance with clause 7.1 shall not extend the
period of the warranty of such Goods.
7.3 The provisions of clause 7.1 do not extend to any Goods which have been subjected to misuse, accident or improper
installation, maintenance, application or operation nor do they extend to Goods which have been repaired or altered other than
by the agents or employees of the Company unless previously authorised in writing by the Company.
7.4 The warranty contained in clause 7 is expressly accepted by the Customer in lieu of any and all other terms, warranties
conditions or liabilities whether express or implied, in fact or in law, relating to the state, quality description, capacity, design,
construction, operation, use or performance of the Goods or to the merchantability, repair, or fitness for a particular purpose of
the Goods or otherwise. No agreement varying or extending the same will be binding upon the Company unless in writing
signed by a director of the Company.
7.5 Unless a director of the Company shall otherwise expressly agree in writing, in no circumstances will the Company’s liability
to the Customer for any breach of the warranty contained in clause 7 exceed the price paid for the products with respect to any
claim made. 

24/09/2018 08:25:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2589
Hi AntMan, 
Welcome to the fleet! 
Sorry to hear that.
You should contact [email protected] or your local AUS dealer for assistance.

24/09/2018 01:06:00

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Sorry about the below link, but I couldn't get the photo to upload as I kept getting "500 internal server error"
here is a photo of the crack

24/09/2018 00:53:00

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Hi RS/ Anyone who can help...
I recently (~3months) bought an ex demo boat from the Aust dealer So it's an older boat #1204) that has cracked across the port roll in the gunwale.
It happened on the weekend just gone (22/9/18) as I was rounding the gybe mark.
I rounded normally, let the boat heel a bit and started sheeting then hopped (hauled my ass??) up to the now windward gunwale to pull the boat flat and give chase to others that can actually sail the things.
Long story short, I heard a loud bang and when I went over the boat to check it all I found a long crack on the port gunwale.  The gunwale can now be flexed by hand, so it’s not “just a gelcoat crack”.
I'm hoping to get some info so I can work out what to do next as I think I'm on my own thanks to my purchase of the demo boat (so no warranty i'd say but if you're feeling kind RS, I'm all ears) .
Few questions I'd like answered if anyone can assist (I've got lots of composite experience btw) if anyone knows:
-Has anyone else had this issue and what did they do to resolve it?
-If the answer is what I think it will be (i.e. a proper scarf in the layup) what is the layup of the area i.e the weight and and orientation of the carbon roving/ combo of glass and carbon across the area.  I would naturally go to the 12:1 scarf ratio and make the whole repair 25mm wide but if the tech bods ad RS could advise on that it would be ace too.
-Is the gelcoat just "plain white" for color matching when done?   If I can't match it I might just clear over the carbon repair and call the boat "battlescar galactica" :)
-what is the antislip so that can be matched, or is it mixed in with a flow coat layer of some description?
I've got a photo, but when I tried to attach it I lost my post, so I'll try to post it separately.
Any assistance greatly appreciated...


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