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Home >> Technical >> Where would I Install an inspection port?
27/06/2017 11:41:44

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Yes, that's correct, I contacted Christian via pm.  

21/06/2017 10:04:32

RS Customer Support
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Hi Claus
Have you been in contact with Christian Brant from Onsail? I answered a similar question from him yesterday.  If his questions relate to yourself please follow his advice. If you would like direct advice from myself contact me directly at [email protected]
Osmosis is not a problem with the internal structure of the Areo. The boat uses an epoxy resin matrix and this is resistant to Osmosis. The gelcoat however is polyester based and if a damp object (wet rudder bag) is in direct contact with the gelcoat in a poorly ventilated environment then Osmosis may occur. For this reason I recommend that boats are not stored outside with under-covers on, padded foil / spar bags, unused under-covers are not stored for long periods of time in the boat. Personally I try to leave air gaps under these items to allow air circulation.
A fun problem I had earlier this year was when I left a note pad under the cover for a few months. The pad became saturated with rain water as I had stupidly left the boat stored bow down. When I returned the ink from the Biro has leached out of the pad and into the gelcoat on the foredeck. I could then read a 3 month old grocery shopping list when on Starboard tack up wind. It rubbed off with a bit of compound and elbow grease.
Best regards

16/06/2017 21:58:44

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First thing I did on my first outing with my new Aero was forget to close the drainage plug in the stern. Since then I wonder how the dampness might get out from the inside of the boat through this tiny hole. I suspect never, ever...
Having read about Aero parts being susceptible to osmosis bubbles I wonder even more...  
Therefore I would like to install one or two inspection lids without compromizing class rules or hitting a bulkhead inside.
Where would be the best place to position these openings? I have not found any pictures of the internals of the Aero hull. 
Best regards from Munich


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