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25/05/2017 13:54:38

Posts: 20
Down under I've been fortunate enough to enjoy the Aero in a wide range of conditions.
In my opinion the boat is everything we can ask for in a modern singlehander.
Equipment has held up extremely well and performed as designed. 
As these boats are so light and quick, impacts are going to be a bit more severe, Rule 14 will be quite important.
I believe we are sailing a brilliant high performance boat but because of that high performance equipment will need renewing a little sooner than displacement over- engineered older designs. There's nothing wrong with that.

25/05/2017 09:56:56

Bill Tucker
Posts: 4
Had mine nearly 3 years. Moderate use but when I race I race hard. I am careful around the edges like with launch and recovery but otherwise don't shy away from tight situations. Boat still in as new condition with no cracking, softness or discolouration despite the inevitable start line scuffles on occasion and being stored outside permanently. So I have had no issues to date. A friend who sails more than me had two little puncture holes in side from a collision (another boat failing to avoid the collision and tried to turn away too late thereby putting it's rear corner into the side of the friends boat with a double tap - I suspect most boats would have been damaged) but the holes were easily repaired/filled and faired inside 12 hours and lost no sailing whatever and the repair is barely visible. So overall I think you treat the boat with a little consideration and there is no worse performance in longevity after 3 years.

25/05/2017 09:25:52

Posts: 100
I may be bias, but i've taken the boat out in stupid weather, got 23knots out of it and when the other classes are breaking around me, Phantoms, Solos, etc. I remind them of the price difference and what they've said in the bar about the Aero not being built well! I don't know where these rumours come from, probably the other builders?
I'm sure RS can give an idea of percentage of boats returned for major issues.
The other good thing about RS is if its a manufacturing issue they normally sort it out.
Just my experience. 

25/05/2017 05:52:54

Posts: 2
Hi, Just wanted to know what owners think of the aero's durability after using it for a season or two or three? Does it retain its original hull stiffness? Does it dent/crack easily with small to medium impacts? How easy is it to repair any hull damage?


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