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14/05/2017 18:38:04

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Very helpful; thanks Peter!

14/05/2017 15:16:59

Peter Barton
Posts: 2831
There was a query on spar lengths so I measured them all today. 
So there is a record here, in case others need them, here they are;
RS Aero 5 lower mast - 2.10m
RS Aero 7 lower mast - 2.66m
RS Aero 9 lower mast - 3.08m
Upper mast - 3.35m
Boom - 2.65m

For transport they all fit easily within the length of the hull and under the covers.
5 Spars?
For anyone who has all 3 rigs and 5 spars you can get four spars in the three pockets of the mast bag and then wrap the bag around the boom. The shorter pocket is a little wider and can fit both '7' and '5' rig lower sections if necessary (slide them in together).
Travel and Quick Rig
As you can lower the mast without untying the outhaul and kicker ropes (just ease them), you can then travel with the mast bag wrapped around the lower mast section (still rigged) as well as the boom (with mainsheet still rigged).
All assisting a really quick rig and de-rig!
Leaving them tied on also means they are not going to fall out on the motorway!
(Credit to Gareth who showed me this at the 2016 Bloody Mary, saving me time for my late arrivals ever since!).


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