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Home >> Technical >> Re-routing everything - legal?
09/06/2017 15:33:21

Posts: 25
After rigging many boats, I've come to realize it is very important to get all twists out of the downhaul and outhaul lines before joining them together with the small dyneema rope. If one doesn't, the lines twist on themselves under the gunnels, greatly increasing friction in the system(s).

30/09/2016 18:16:18

Posts: 100
Design fault? not sure its a fault, maybe its something that niggles you? ;o))
I've not had any issues with the standard layout of the boat, all the controls work; sure I can pull kicker on a lot easier in a Fireball but that has the same amount of weight in fittings and lines as the Aero hull, to get the same job done for twice the price (or more).
I've sailed many classes and I know i'm biased, but for good reason, RS has always supplied simple to use and easy to maintain boats, so that you can sail them and not spend all your time fiddling with them.
IMHO ;o))

30/09/2016 17:18:28

Posts: 7
Peter, was trying to be diplomatic and remedy what i see as design fault in a positive way. Cheers, Nigel

30/09/2016 16:36:08

Posts: 5
I'd love to see a photo too, I think I follow: keep the out-haul and cunningham tails above the deck?

30/09/2016 14:03:43

Sandy Goodall
Posts: 30
Anyone have a picture of the "all above deck" layout?

30/09/2016 10:04:18

Peter Barton
Posts: 2831
Not a new idea or initiative, Whizzer.
The standard design provides a clutter free deck. The 'tails on deck' option is an alternative and has been permitted since the first Class Rules
Current Class Rules are on the Documents page.
Similar wording exists permitting this in our soon to be adopted World Sailing (ISAF) class rules.

29/09/2016 22:16:42

Posts: 7
Brilliant idea!  Solves original design issue. Fully support initiative...

29/09/2016 18:02:15

Posts: 137
Is it class legal to re-route the outhaul and downhaul so the strings do not go out and round the bow but rather forwards on top of the deck through a ring on elastic near the mast and then back. Looked interesting - less string and nothing to drag in the water. The only extra fittings are rings and elastic (with some cunning reuse of the rings normally under the boat to instead be guides on the deck). Given that we're allowed to add elastic and Matt usually checks the rules... I THINK it is OK but could we have an official ruling.


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