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One huge benefit of the light weight RS Aero hull and rig is in the ease of loading and transportation.
We did the 'down' video a year ago - here is the 'up' one! 

Having several helpers is preferable but sometimes you are on your own. This method provides flexibility when car topping either at home or late at the sailing club when nobody is about.

I actually find this method easier than a straight two man lift as you are only lifting half the boat at a time and the other end is fixed so you are not committed to lifting in sync. If you struggle with a two person lift then this 'one end at a time' method with two people together may be preferable.

Tie boat to trolley at bow and amidships first. Then they lift as together one, one end at a time, and you only have to then tie the trolley to the roof bars / car.

Tools: One sailing kit bag and one picnic rug.

- Tie the boat to the trolley at the bow and amidships first. Then they lift as one and you only have to then tie the trolley to the roof bars or car after
- Place the boat diagonally overlapping the back of the car
- Put some padding under the transom, e.g. a sailing kit bag, a tyre or mat
- Put some padding on the back of the car, e.g. a rug or some carpet
- Taking the wheels off is optional, depending on the fit and journey length
- Depending on the balance and fit you could have either the axle or rear bar snug up against the rear roof bar
- It is possible to do this with all the kit in the boat; 3 rigs, 3 sails and 2 foils, but then it is getting heavier. Taking gear out will help to keep it light

Other Examples
- Johan from Germany with a slightly taller car
- Noah at speed. Note custom roof bar, at the back of the car for ease
- Down Lift

Which Way Up?
- The UK supplied standard  'A' frame gunwale hung RS Aero 'trolley' is ideal for loading the right way up together like this, as they cradle and protect the RS Aero. With the raised side decks all the kit (rigs, foils & sails) can then stay neatly on the boat under the covers.
- If you are using the more lightly built USA 'dolly' that dismantles then you likely need top car top the RS Aero upside down. In this case be sure to have sufficient fat padding on the bars to protect the top of the deck and don't be temped to ratchet it down overly hard. 

Roof Bars
- The UK supplied trolley's fore/aft longitudinals are 114cm wide (check your own, just in case of version change). So you need your roof bars a few cm wider than that. My roof bars are 120cm wide not including end caps which I think is good as a minimum.
- The width inside the trolley wheels is 128cm, so I can leave my wheels on and they sit neatly outside the rear roof rack bar.
- Some cars are limited to narrower roof bars. Then you need to lash the trolley cross beam/axle very tightly directly on top of the rear roof bar. The trolley narrows going forward to engage the front roof bar.
- For upside down, check deck high point width. 


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