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26/09/2017 21:32:00
Peter Barton
Posts: 3413
hi... I've been sticking mine on my Honda Odyssey over the last few wks, really no big deal.   Basically just put down a moving blanket, move the boat off the Dolley onto it (on a grass surface), and flip it over.  Then put another blanket on the top of the van.   lift up the boat by the bow and prop it on the back of the van.   then go behind and pickup the stern and slide it forward until it is on the rack.   Then tilt onto rack and slide forward into position.  
Tie down, and youre done.
Even easier getting it off.
Its like this one, I assume you've seen it?  
Depends how tall you are, but should work on anything of Van height.  RV would be a different matter.
I will be devising some kind of suction cup roller soon (similar to a kayak roller) to make this easier.  I would like to be able to put it on upright, so that will be next.

26/09/2017 17:33:00
Posts: 13
i watched the "single handed car topping" vid  but just wondered if anyone had any experience of mounting an aero on a van..
its much higher about 2m, and dont have a boat to practice with..
or maybe has anyone managed to get the earo inside,, it will stick out by about a metre, but that shouldnt matter. 
any ideas or pics
my profile picture is of the van (mpv).

18/07/2017 17:41:45
Posts: 10

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