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Hi David,


Sounds a good way to proceed.

BR  Jonathan

11/06/2021 17:41:00
Jonathan Rickels
Posts: 84
Hi Jonathan

Hope you are well

I have consutled RS on this issue.  There are reasons why the grip needs to remain in this area.

However, we will be introducing a change to the Class Rules.  You need to reinstate the whole grip, including the worn area.  However, the new CR will permit you to place adhesive tape or an adhesive pad (max 3mm thick and 30mm wide) on the end of the boom as a wear guard.  You can also repair the worn carbon on the boom.

Have a good weekend

11/06/2021 17:31:00
David Rickard
Posts: 58
Why not wrap some tape round the end of the boom to protect it?

09/06/2021 21:28:00
Posts: 1
I am about to have the non-slip on Aero 1141 made good.

A satisfactory quote is received from an RS approved repairer, and a provisional workshop slot booked.

Before going ahead I would like to ask for a dispensation or solution to a wear issue with the boom end, due sliding contact with the cockpit floor: when assembling boom to gooseneck, lowering sail, and disconnecting boom from gooseneck.

Over time, 6+ years, the wear on the boom has balanced with wear on the non-slip on the cokpit floor in the boom landing area and the rate of wear to the boom end has virtually stopped.  

I suspect that if the non-slip is renewed in this area then the boom ebd wear will worsen.  I would like to instruct the repairer to avoid spraying in this aea only, on both sides of the Toe Strap, and back to the transom.

Can I do so within the meaning of the current rule regarding maintaining the non-slip?

Photographs appended:-

08/06/2021 16:24:00
Jonathan Rickels
Posts: 84

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