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12/03/2020 00:15:00

Posts: 45
I had the barrels pull out soon after fitting the righting line. There doesnt seem to me to be any reinforcement there.
Ever since (last 2 years or so) I have connected them to the small strop between the gunwhale holes as suggested, with no issues at all. Just seems sensible.

11/03/2020 21:13:00

David Rickard
Posts: 51
Hi Keith
A new amendment to the Class Rules (which will be submitted to WS shortly) will allow each righting line to be tied to the short strops under the gunwale between the side deck barrels used to retain the 2 blocks for over deck control lines.
Hope this solves your problem

11/03/2020 17:54:00

Posts: 5
I three have pulled the screws out - theses were the screws I bought the boat with. Haven't done the conversion to over-deck controls yet. Would be helpful to know if tying righting lines anywhere other than the dealer provided screws is likely to be allow in subsequent class rules.

29/12/2019 14:45:00

Posts: 33
I also have had the 'p' clip screws pull out, not good in F5/F6 at Lee-on-the-Solent. I covered the screws with epoxy after that.

29/12/2019 05:08:00

Posts: 5
Hello All
I have had the same issue of the righting lines pulling out the RS screws. The righting line was installed correctly as it was installed by RS themselves when I purchased the Aero directly from them. I also came up with the idea of attaching the righting line to the small under deck rope that connects the blocks for the overdeck control.  This works really well. 
I shared my observations with Jim Hood the RS Technical Manager.  This was about a 1-1/2 years ago. It was going to be considered in future upgrades to the boat. 
My suggestion is that this idea is incorporated into the design and that the class rules, if they don’t allow it, are amended appropriately. 
Lester Korzilius

28/12/2019 10:10:00

Jonathan Rickels
Posts: 75
Hi David, Gareth,
I too have pulled the barrel screw out righting the boat with righting lines installed on the P Bracket.
It's actually quite easy if you've managed to either dry capsize or get up on the dagger board.
Stand on the dagger board and pull backwards, i.e. directly away from the hull, as you would if righting a catamaran, and the barrel screw takes a load it was never intended to, and pulls out.  If lucky the outer laminate  does not crack and separate from the foam.
I repaired using a waterproof epoxy putty.
If you're pulling from in the water the load direction is parallel with the hull, and I've not experienced any pulling out over many capsizes.
If going for overdeck controls then the barrels are redundant, so why not the P Bracket?
Merry Xmas,

28/12/2019 09:02:00

David Rickard
Posts: 51
Thanks Gareth
You commented that the screws pulled out.  Were these the originally supplied screws provided with the barrels?  Was the mast tip on the bottom?  I am  not aware of this happening to anyone else.
CR C.6.1.3 states "One single righting line of maximum length of 1.5 meters may be attached to each side of the hull attached to the location of the rear most plastic barrel under the gunwale shown in the RS Aero Rigging Manual".  Therefore even if the boat is supplied without the barrels, the location can be determined by looking at the Rigging Manual and I also recommend that you ask RS Sailing.  This position is specified because there is some reinforcing at this position.
Your suggestion, while an interesting alternative, is not allowed under the current CR
Thanks.  Have fun David 

24/12/2019 00:43:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2596
Posted by Gareth (moved to its own thread) 

Righting lines: 
Is it permitted to tie the righting line to the small strop between the deck holes used for the overdeck control. It is MUCH stronger (I pulled the screws out using the official method)

Overdeck controls

I note that rules on overdeck controls say:
The redundant fittings (namely the tubes and fairlead and their screws under the
gunwale and bow) may be removed but the holes must be filled and made watertight. The through deck angled exit bushes will not be removed.

If a boat never had those bushes fitted is that OK. (New boat with overdeck controls did not have the redundant bushes)


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