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31/10/2019 23:52:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2831
Clarity here; 

26/08/2019 22:24:00

Posts: 39
I have just notices an amendment to rule C 10.1, (July 2019) which does now allow the batten length of the two top batten to be shorted. 

26/08/2019 22:05:00

Posts: 39
I have two Aero 7 sails, one three years old the other a few months old.  The battens are the same length, 635mm and 1055mm respectively for the two adjustable top battens.  However the end fitting on the old and new sail differ.  The length of the batten with the fitting is 4 mm longer with the new sail, compared with the old sail.  These means that I cannot reduce the tension of the batten on the new sail.  What is the point of specifying in the rules that you cannot shorted the batten length, but without specifying the batten fitting.  I could just fit the old battens in the new sail,  which would be legal, then i would be able to adjust the batten to tension.  This needs sorting as the rule as it stands is a nonsense. Please note the adjuster have the screw wound fully back in both instances. I would include a photo, but the site will not allow me to upload the jpeg photo.


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