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12/07/2019 13:41:00

Peter Barton
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Class Rules Changes Summary (July 2019) 
This is not an official document, just my quick whiz through to draw to your attention some of the main evolvements in the latest, July 2019, release of the RS Aero Class Rules.

Please do take the trouble to check the whole document afresh though, as subtle detail has been added and edited to clarify and define quite a few other issues too. It is every racing RS Aero sailor’s responsibility to comply and ignorance is not a defence.

C.1.3 is now limited to when boats are supplied ‘to the entire fleet’, only.

C.5.1 (a) Compass positioning relaxed to be ‘fixed to the deck on the centre line between the back of the mast and the front of the vang cleat’
(allows single display units to be moved forwards for better visibility)

C.5.1 (b) , port/starboard stickers, a racing signal code flags chart now formally additionally permitted here

C.5.1 (d) ‘paddle’ now permitted here

C.5.1 (i) limit of 2 wind indicators on mast

C.5.1 (k) use of velcro & tape added, to attach permitted equipment

C.6.1.3 (c) Limited Sanding of non slip on deck now formally permitted
(don’t over do it, going sailing also smooths it and is more fun)

C.6.1.3 (n) Use of shockcord further defined.
Any interaction of your control release shockcord with the main halyard must be quick release without any knots to untie.

C.6.1.3 (t) allowance of small rope loop on traveller retainer to deflect dagggerboad shockcord
(avoids it getting in the way of the vang cleat)

C.6.1.3 (w) Padding permitted on cockpit floor and/or deck non-slip areas, with several specified limitations
(please read carefully).

C.6.1.3 (x) Clarification that 18mm blocks can be changed for similar 20mm ones
(avoids being limited to one manufacturer)

C.9.1 (c) added

C.9.3 (b) clarifies limitation on tapering lines & ropes

C.9.3 (d) Clarification not to attach anything extra to the traveller rope
(like a control take up system)

C.9.3 (e) permits tapering of the vang secondary line

C.10.1 (b) the top two (only) batten lengths may be changed
(overcomes small discrepancy in supplied length)

C.10.4 (v) National Letters are to be black
(sail numbers already have to be black)

Any queries?
After reading the rules carefully, post any questions on the Class website forum thread here for David Rickard, Chairman of the Measurement Committee, to answer


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