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06/03/2019 22:11:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2490
Posted by Gareth (but originally in the wrong place) ; 
Why would you want to pull from there? Just trying to imagine a use case for it. I can't see pulling on down-haul when not hiking. I've never found s use for it - I did try on land and there's so much extra friction it isn't really useful other than perhaps taking the slack out if you want to re-adjust where the splice is easing one side and pulling on the other which I sometimes do between races as I prefer the splice to be in the slack.

05/03/2019 22:23:00

Posts: 7
Had a bit of a discussion on Facebook about over-deck controls. Is it legal to adjust outhaul/cunno by pulling from behind the fairlead/shock block? OR does the fairlead then become an extra purchase making adjustment illegal?

TL;DR: Are you allowed to pull on controls from behind the fairlead that leads to the overdeck takeup or must you pull *between* cleat and fairlead for it to be legal?


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