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06/06/2019 11:34:00

RonF 'Kelpie'
Posts: 13
Hi all, thanks for the information so far.  I've got one of the original {7) sails with the blue bolt rope, 3.5 years old now, I think. Never believed that the supplied top battens were stiff enough, and unhappy that they have always had a permanent bend.  The plastic they are made of I always thought not up to standard of quality battens generally available  from Sail makers etc.  And I had to shave the shoulders of these battens to fit the adjusters. A second set obtained in the first few months were no better. 
   David Rickard assured me when he visited Australia that I could not replace with better quality whether stiffer, or same bend characteristic,which I understand would be difficult to control. So I have put up with floppy lop-sided battens ever since. 
   I will be buying a new sail soon, and will be interested to see how any batten checks stack up during measurement checks at the coming Worlds at Black Rock Yacht Club. 
   E.g. For a batten clamped flat at one end, what is the expected deflection for a set weight clamped at the other end? 

05/06/2019 17:42:00

Jonathan Rickels
Posts: 72
I have just bought and fitted new batten sets for my November 2014 vintage 7 & 9 sails.
Measuring just the battens overall, without the adjusters on the top two battens they are exactly the lengths given in David's post.
Overall means measuring battens 3 & 4 to the tips of the inner claw.
The Adjuster for the top 2 battens adds at least 2 cm to the wings when the batten is inserted to full depth.  
When the batten is at full depth and the grub screw just engaging the head of the grub screw is flush with the adjuster.
However it was not possible to fit the top #1 battens to both the 7 & 9 sails without shortening the battens; by ~ 5 mm on each batten.  Strictly this contravenes the class rule, but the adjuster wings overlapped the webbing loops and couldn't possibly engage.
The wings on the adjuster are offset.  The moulded nib on the body has to be away from the sail, i.e. on the outside exposed side.
Not all the adjuster wings engaged equally between upper and lower webbing loops, on some one loop is tighter than the other.
The #2 battens could be fitted as supplied.
Both sails new #1 & #2 battens widths had to be reduced over some 5 cm in order to fit the adjuster.  The adjuster batten socket is 4.5 cm deep.
Both 7 & 9 sails #1 & #2 batten adjusters grub screws needed between 1 - 2  turns to tension the batten. 
This seems right. 
Both #1 & #2 new battens are substantially thicker and stiffer than the originals.
The inboard ends thickness / depth had to be tapered to engage fully in the luff batten holder; as were the originals.
The 9 sail #3 & #4 battens couldn't be replaced.
My 9 sail #3 & #4 batten pockets are ~ 10 cm too short:-
The original battens are length 750 mm, the same as the 7 sails'; versus the 850 mm length supplied, and specified in David's input below!!

10/05/2019 11:02:00

Posts: 132
Could you clarify how exactly you measure that:
From inner end to  where - the flanges? 
Is the measurement with adjuster fully at one end or in the middle, or is the measurement the batten with the adjuster removed?

09/05/2019 19:31:00

David Rickard
Posts: 49
Hi Everyone
Sorry for not responding earlier.  RS have spoken with North Sails, who have now implemented an additonal check of batten lengths, so this should not be a problem in future.  So that you can check and adjust the correct batten length from top to bottom for each rig should be as follows (in millimeters):  
Top 485
2 860
3 665
4 665

Top 635
2 1055
3 750
4 750

Top 680
2 1145
3 850
4 850
Let me know if any questions

28/04/2019 09:04:00

Posts: 6
I agree with the reply. The top batten on my 9 sail was simply too long. I wasn’t able to insert the batten adjuster let alone be able to adjust it. To alieviate the issue I had to sand a little off the end. 

With it being suggested that the battens are loosened or removed for long term storage it was impossible to do so on the previous length.

I would think this is an issue  for more than a few.

26/04/2019 17:52:00

Jonathan Rickels
Posts: 72
Hi David,
I suspect I may have infringed?
My 2014 vintage original supply 7 & 9 sails top battens in combination with their batten adjusters were too long overall; causing too much depth in the upper sail that no amount of Peter Barton advised 'more kicker and more downhaul' could reduce, flatten.
The cause was eventually traced to insufficient length on the rebate of the top battens, they needed only an additional  2 -3 mm, such that the batten couldn't reach the full depth of the adjuster when the grub screw was fully adjusted out.  
NOTE:  The length of the batten remained 'as supplied'.
On my 2015 vintage 5 sail I had the opposite problem:-
I couldn't get sufficient depth in the upper part, the grub screws heads were nearly 1 cm deep into the adjuster, and nearly falling out on the inside.
Taking this up with North via RS After Sales and Customer Support the recommendation was to put a short 4 mm spacer down the adjuster between the grub screw and the end of the batten.
This has worked.
In terms of relying on what is supplied here are my 5 sail batten lengths versus what North have said are 2019 factory lengths; from the top down:-
North    Mine
485       480
860       855 
665       667
665       667
Does this constitute battens 'out of specification?
May I suggest that unless specification measurements are defined within the rules, and how they are to be measured, i.e. with or without adjuster, or referred to from the rules then it would be difficult for either a sailor or an event measurer to know whether what is supplied and fitted is within specification?
RS After Sales also measured an off the shelf new batten set: they measured exactly as mine not the North factory lengths.  They measured only one set.
I fully understand the aim and intent of the rule, but given my experience wonder whether the current wording and interpretation is sufficient.
BR,  Jonathan 

26/02/2019 19:48:00

David Rickard
Posts: 49
Hi All

I have been asked whether it is permissible to change the length (shorten or lengthen) of any batten. Class Rule C.10.1 (b) permits 'thinning'/reducing thickness, but it does not permit changing length/'shorten'. The length must be as suplied as Original. If you have done this, you will need to buy a new replacement from RS.

Happy Sailing


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