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21/02/2019 18:03:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2490
Hi AWilliams, 
That strap is over four years old, from the sister ship to my first RS Aero. If you had not worn it out you would have either not been hiking enough or not sailing enough!

About two years ago the toe straps did become more robust in design and more recently had the addition of the extra webbing reinforcement protection at the front end too.

They are a component that does have to take a lot of wear and I think they are a good design for use. When they do eventually wear out the RS Aero toe straps are only about half the cost of similar non Class alternatives.

19/02/2019 08:11:00

Posts: 12
Hi, I have one of the first batches.of boats - 1176. Love it,  but my toe  strap  has disentigrated and I have bodged  it together for past year. Definitely will need replacing this year.

18/02/2019 12:06:00

RS Customer Support
Posts: 28
RS are happy to react to long term feedback regarding product functionality and make changes to a product as they are required. Changes to date from the original include webbing lengths, webbing thickness, buckle design and padding. Based on offline feedback late last year we modified the materials used in the forward end of this strap. The revised version is available from the RSsailingstore.com now.
Kind regards
RS Customer Support 

17/02/2019 21:55:00

Posts: 43
Yes it seems to be or have been an issue, I'm on the 3rd toestrap on a two year old boat, the previous one having lasted about 5 months. The last one I got at the 2018 Worlds seems more strongly made and is lasting well however, with no sign of wear yet. 

17/02/2019 20:21:00

Posts: 4
Ive just snapped a 6 month old toe strap (new with the boat 3rd August 2018), have lots of other people had this problem? it seems maybe the class rule should be changed to allow third party toe straps as the RS ones wear out so quickly. this isnt my first aero and ive always had to change toe straps more regularly than I expect to have to.


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