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12/02/2019 21:35:00

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You may want to add a note to the post I mentioned at:

Your comment on that post could be misinterpreted to indicate that the pictured rigging is legal -- which by your comments here is not.

12/02/2019 20:54:00

David Rickard
Posts: 49
Hi Michael
Thanks.  As we informed everyone at the worlds, attaching the takeup blocks or anything else to the end of the traveller line is NOT legal.  However, it is a simple fix.  Simply remove the Ronstan blocks from the traveller line and tie them to the deck mount (that the traveller passes through) using a separate 1-2mm line.
Remember that the Class Rules are Closed Rules, namely if they do not say you can do something, you CANNOT.  Also the Rules refer to the Rigging manual to show how the boat comes  "as supplied", and this shows the traveller lines as separate.
This may seem pedantic, but with some ingenuity, it is possible to use lines tied to the traveller to adjust the length of the traveller, which is why we don't allow this, and after consideration decided not to amend the Rules to allow it.
I hope that this helps
Happy sailing

12/02/2019 19:48:00

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Hi David,
I posted a question at: https://www.rsaerosailing.org/index.asp?p=forum&fid=12&tid=8031
This was a picture of my over the deck block attachment. I used Ronstan shocks attached to a tail of the traveler which was first knotted in the traveler attachment.
I should clarify, that the traveler line is not moveable and cannot be impacted while sailing from the attachment of the takeup blocks. The knot on the traveler at the traveler attachment prevents this.
You indicated that it looked okay.
But I hear via the grapevine (I did not attend worlds), that you cannot attach the blocks to the tail of the traveler line.
Can you please clarify:
1. Is my rigging as per my previous post picture legal
2. Where in the rules or interpretations is the clause that indicates this is not legal so we can inform others who did not hear the verbal instruction at the worlds.
Picture copied below.
Michael O'Brien
Aero 2500
Melbourne, Australia


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