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Home >> RS Aero Class Rules - Queries >> Boom clew tape to lower outhaul friction
30/10/2018 21:07:00

Posts: 31
Thank you for the clarification. Some boats that have done this has said it makes a big difference to the ease of using the outhaul. Suggestion for the future rules is to either permit this or have the builder make that portion of the boom smooth.

30/10/2018 20:45:00

David Rickard
Posts: 49
Thanks for the query Michael
C6.1.3 c(i) only allows tape to be used for the specified purposes; use on the end of the boom to make the clew strap slide easier is NOT one of those permitted purposes.  Further, "tape" does not include Mylar or other similar material to make the clew strap slide.
C.6..1.3.a  allows you to polish the area.  C.6.1.3.b allows you to use lubricant on the area.  Those are the only permitted ways that you can use. 
Happy sailing

30/10/2018 16:12:00

Posts: 55
Seems like a good idea, and hard to see how (or even why) the rules would prohibit it, especially given that sponsor’s stickers are allowed on the boom without regard to location or material. Also, it’s in the exact same spirit as the rule allowing elastic returns on controls, as well as over-deck control lines, i.e. overcoming friction in the control lines. . 

29/10/2018 02:27:00

Posts: 31
I want to put some low friction tape on the boom in the area where the clew strap moves. The underside of the boom is very rough and the outhaul sticks (even with elastic inhaul). I'd like to put some low friction tape on the lower side of the boom in this area.
Rules C6.1.3 c(i) allows adhesive tape for many purposes, but I'm not sure if my intended use is covered.
Can you please clarify.
Michael O'Brien


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