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12/02/2018 22:42:00

Sailing Raceboats
Posts: 21
We don't have Amazon (yet) in Australia. don't forget items are needed to be easily sourced outside the UK!

12/02/2018 22:23:00

Posts: 9
Seems to cost about £10  on Amazon- does that not meet the requirements of the rule?

12/02/2018 21:15:00

Posts: 4
Hi David,
Thanks for the reply. I will use clear 3M Protection Tape, widely available at about £6 a roll. This is not as effective as Armoured film which is readily available and  not as expensive as you believe. I am happy to use the tape in a very limited area and replace as necessary to protect the new boat against the three small over deck control line blocks and most importantly stay in class.
Your swift support is much appreciated.
Thanks Nick

12/02/2018 17:51:00

David Rickard
Posts: 49
Hi Nicki
Thanks for your Query.  CRule C.6.1.3(c)  permits the use of "flexible adhesive tape"; this must be generally commercially available.  There are a number of tapes on the market that are clear.  We do not allow use of carbon sheet or Armoured film because, while you may have easy access to them, most people don't.  They are expensive for the average person.  We want to try to keep costs for everyone as low as possible.
Good sailing
David Rickard

11/02/2018 20:05:00

Posts: 4
Hi Alan,
As a ex motorcycle racer, we used carbon sheet, and I would prefer to use this, especially as I have some already, but the clear film is not visible, so aesthetically no change to the look and is fixed by suction, no adhesive so is not considered permanent.
I have seen a variety of stuff stuck to the decks to protect them, but they all look ugly, besides which I am keen to stay in class? I’m convinced that transparent armoured film as used on cars and motorcycles is an ideal solution to protecting the fragile gel coat, so hoping that it can be agreed to be within class?

11/02/2018 18:43:00

Alan Beaton
Posts: 1
Hi Nick
Not tempted with over deck controls yet but my solution would be to use self adhesive real carbon fibre sheet. Used it on the rear of my laser and worked great at preventing wear and looked great

11/02/2018 18:08:00

Posts: 4
One for our measurer?  In short, the allowable addition of blocks for over deck lines has resulted in a fair amount of chafing to deck gel coat in local areas. I would like to add small clear armoured film under a couple of blocks, which is albut invisible, protects the local deck but does not improve performance in any way. I could tape the deck which would look rubbish. 
I would like a ruling. I know the rules are CLOSED, but such a simple fix would be beneficial to the boats longevity and cosmetically invisible. Pro grip on very small blocks is ineffective.
I’m in the process of buying a new Aero and would like to avoid damage to the deck whilst fitting over deck  control lines.
Thanks Nick


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