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Home >> Sailing Tips & Technique >> Sarasota, Florida - 360 video with Marc Jacobi
25/01/2020 05:03:00

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Yes Robert, that's the one. Can't believe it's under $100 now!

I get about 45 minutes out of a charge. At that price, one could buy a few!
Marc Jacobi

24/01/2020 12:16:00

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This ships to UK for about $28 on top of the price of $98! Only a couple available, though. I think you would need to use it in warm conditions for the battery to last long enough. I think it’s the same model that Marc uses. 


27/03/2018 15:27:00

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The camera is a Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 360. The newer version is called Madventure. it's water resistant, but not waterproof, and is considered one of the very best 360 cameras for *still* images under $1000. I got mine for around $200!

A great 360 for video is the Insta360 One. It's not water resistant, but there is a waterproof enclosure available for it.

26/03/2018 11:28:00

Tim W
Posts: 5
Very cool! Thanks for sharing Marc. What model of camera was it? Would be great for single person training.
Would also be interested to hear what Steve Cockerill and others say about the level of rudder used on the run...too much, too little?

25/03/2018 19:14:00

Posts: 50
Brilliant!! Never seen a video like it.

24/03/2018 13:39:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2933
Sarasota, Florida 
360' video with Marc Jacobi 

Thanks to Marc Jacobi for this great 360' video from Sarasota, Florida last weekend - showing both sail trim and technique! Wind 7-10kn.

Marc's notes;
This day I was having rather successful offset mark roundings (see one starting at 5:00). I was in a 7, boats ahead and just behind are 9s. Key things I think about while rounding windward/offset marks:
- not bearing down until clear of boat(s)-ahead wake(s);
- picking a wave to bear away on;
- not bearing down to run until definitely on said wave;
- using forward hand to progressively ease vang through maneuver, thereby keeping sail twist/trim optimal throughout transition from beating- or reaching-to-running. Tiller hand controls mainsheet.

On the run, note leech springy-ness, not floppy-ness. This is my goal for vang tension downwind in light air. Also note that downhaul is WAAY off, with horizontal wrinkles in luff--this allows vang to be eased more while still keeping draft position in sail at the optimal 50-45% for a run. If downhaul was on even SLIGHTLY (moving draft forward), vang would have to be tighter to drag draft back, resulting in a flat sail and unresponsive leech.

One thing I noticed: how much sheet was eased during the tack starting at 1:14. Two big pulls! Whatever it takes to get the boat flat and accelerating!

You should be able to use your mouse to move the viewing angle up/down/sideways. If viewing on a phone or tablet, tilt device to look up/down, swipe side-to-side, and pinch in/out to zoom.


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