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In my opinion (and I've done it!)... the best way to drum up interest is to contact RS and organise to borrow some test boats - this is how our fleet started up. Not sure what RS can do now, but it works well to have them for a week or so to experience some good conditions. Open meetings are good for publicity once you already have a fleet!

11/06/2021 08:29:00
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Hello All,

I'm trying to drum up interest for the Areos at my club. I'm a sold fan of the Areo - although everyone loves having a blast in it getting people vested is hard. 

Lots and lots of new members at the club in recent months so hopefully can drum some more attraction over time.

I was wondering though if anyone would be interested in attending an open event if I can manage to organise one. 

It's a small, hidden away but challenging lake to sail - fishers green sailing club. 

If interest is there I would certainly be interested in hosting an event. Does anyone know if I need to contact anyone in particular in the association to organise an open. 

10/06/2021 22:03:00
Blake Newman
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