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Home >> General Discussion >> RS Aero 3447 solitaero has been launched
16/10/2020 18:16:00

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 Greetings all, my new RS Aero 3447, "solitaero" has arrived on Fleet Bay, Solway Firth, SW Scotland. :) My first sail was perhaps not ideal, given I am an OAP and I have not sailed a small una rig single hander (Laser) for 35 years. An unseasonal NE wind was blowing F4-F5, which is offshore and very gusty here. However, I seemed to manage OK and enjoyed tweaking the sail, though I will need to tighten that second batten. We only sail for fun in Fleet Bay but 3 of my Laser owning friends were drooling all over it when I came back in. (Even the one who just bought a new Laser at the end of August!)
My only real problem is that the trolley wheels are next to useless on soft steep Solway sand, so I will put 49cm WheelEEZ wheels and axle on the trolley.
Having sold my Laser 35 years ago (bought it in '72), I could not now bring myself to buy something that was designed in the late '60s. I also windsurf and I would not even buy something windsurf related that was designed in the noughties. As far as I am concerned, comparing a Laser to an Aero is like comparing the Golden Hind to the Starship Enterprise. :)


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