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Home >> General Discussion >> 2024 Olympics One Person Dinghy Equipment Evaluation Trials
21/05/2019 12:47:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2148
How the RS Aero (almost) got Selected for the Olympics

Tillerman, as ever, perfectly catches the essence of the recent selections...

Check out his account on his Aerobian Blog

Evaluation Report Overall Scores;

Equipment Committee Vote;
RS Aero : 9
Laser : 3
Melges : 0
D0 : 0

20/05/2019 23:57:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2148
Olympic One Person Dinghy Equipment Evaluation
Summary by RS Sailing;

To say we’ve had an emotional weekend would be an understatement!

After a day of reflection, we would like to start by saying thank you to World Sailing for giving the RS Aero the opportunity to be part of the 2024 Equipment Selection for the Men’s and Women’s One Person Dinghy. The Evaluation Team, World Sailing staff and the Equipment Committee did a very professional and impressive job.

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all our followers and sailors, old and new, we have been completely overwhelmed by the global support for the RS Aero and RS Sailing. You’ve all genuinely been on this journey with us and it feels like we’ve made a whole load of new friends in the process.

It’s undeniable that the RS Aero has been proven superior in almost every aspect. The original details in the 2024 Equipment Selection – Men’s and Women’s One Person Dinghy Evaluation Report presented the RS Aero as the superior dinghy and the overwhelming majority vote by the Equipment Committee on Saturday confirmed it. We couldn’t be prouder of the RS Aero, we’ve known for a long time that it was an awesome bit of kit but it’s now proved itself to the world that it is.

We respect World Sailing councils vote and understand that there are difficulties around change beyond which is simply the best equipment. When the world is so heavily invested in legacy equipment it’s hard to move on from it. We will continue to encourage, MNA’s and Council Members who are eager for change from 50-year-old equipment, to keep sharing their message.

What’s the plan moving forward? The RS Aero will continue to excite sailors and The RS Aero Class will continue racing globally at World Class events. The international growth of the boat will be fuelled further in no small way by the new friends we have made in the last few days. We are going to keep developing the RS Aero 6 rig with the RS Aero Class and create a selection of bespoke Women’s events. Watch this space!

There’s not too much time for reflection as we smash into the summer of events ahead but we will continue doing what we do best. We will continue to work with World Sailing, MNAs, Clubs and Programs around the world to ensure there’s as many people as possible enjoying our awesome sport.

In short, the RS Aero is undeniably the best and we’ve had a blast, thank you!

#rsaero #rssailing #sailitliveitloveit

20/05/2019 13:26:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2148
World Sailing - Equipment Committee recommendation to Council

Here is an informative audio for those interested in understanding further the detail and process of the Valencia sea trials and the resultant Evaluation Report which scored the RS Aero as the preferred choice for the Olympic Single-Hander with an 80% score showing a clear margin. The audio is the Evaluation Panel presenting their detailed 30 page Report to the Equipment Committee with further explanations and answering their questions.

The Equipment Committee then voted in favour of the RS Aero over the other three boats by a dominant 9:3:0:0 votes, making their recommendation to the WS Council to approve the RS Aero. Council members then voted against their expert's recommendation the following day...

Full credit to the Panel, whilst World Sailing have their critics the actual trials were conducted with the highest integrity and were impressively professional, structured, detailed and transparent.

The Single Handed dinghy part is from 2:18 to 3:42 - for when you have a spare 84 minutes!

14/05/2019 18:53:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2148
World Sailing's chance to move sailing forwards
...will they take it? 
by Mark Jardine, 14th May 

Yachts and Yachting Article

06/05/2019 23:51:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2148
RS Aero wins 2024 Olympic Men's and Women's One Person Dinghy Equipment trials 
Yachts & Yachting's summary on the Evaluation Panel's Report.

I think over 1000 'likes' could be an all time record for a Y&Y article?!

04/05/2019 19:01:00

Posts: 45
Regardless of how this turns out for the 2024 Olympics, the Evaluation Report of the four single-handed, single-sail finalists, by an independent, highly experienced set of dinghy sailors admitting to advance familiarity with the Laser, presents an extraordinary affirmation of the superior design and quality of the RS Aero.

03/05/2019 21:10:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2148
Selection of Equipment for 2024 Men’s and Women’s One Person Olympic Dinghy Event

The evaluation concluded that there are two suitable items of equipment for the event: The RS AERO equipment presented by RS Sailing and the Laser equipment presented by ILCA.

The Evaluation Panel developed a scoring matrix against which the equipment options were scored based on the evaluation criteria for the event.

The overall scores are:

RS AERO - 80%
LASER - 69%
MELGES 14 - 54%
DZERO - 52%

What did they think?
In the most detailed and scrutinous review of the RS Aero to date here are some of the pleasing conclusions that the Trials Sailors and the Word Sailing Evaluation Panel came to with regards to the RS Aero;

QUALITY & STANDARDIZATION: 'RS Aero’s finished product exceeded all others in terms of quality and durability. The hardware and systems are well designed to function easily for the sailor and are proven in international competition. The spars are built to a specification and quality control standard that is producing consistent equipment for this international class. The lightweight hull is engineered with modern materials and modern composite building expertise bringing consistency of manufacture that is
performing in the current marketplace.

'The light hull requiring sensitivity in boat handling, was considered by MNA sailors as rewarding higher sailing skills and tactical knowledge. The simplicity of the design and of the systems promotes success more related to athletic superiority and tactical understanding than technical knowledge of the specific equipment.'

PERFORMANCE: 'MNA sailors considered the hull size suitable for multiple rig sizes and perfectly suited for pathway and youth. Described as quick and aggressive in its maneuvres and easy to trim appropriately with all controls comfortably routed and efficient with simple and well thought out concepts which were appreciated by the sailors.....'

APPEAL: 'The (RS Aero) was described as fun, fast and appealing on land and in the water. Fitness and strength rewarded. The boat is light and easy to move around on land for launch and for transport. Easily righted after capsizing'

DESIGN UNIVERSALITY: 'The design is simple and well designed for distribution. The Dacron sail has two full battens at the top of the sail. Dacron sails do not remain competitive for a long time but can be and are used in emerging nations for many year…'

QUALITY of PRODUCTION: 'RS Sailing provided good building specification and demonstrated the quality control procedures they have in place with the hull manufacturer for a number of their products.'

QUALITY UNIVERSALITY: '...There is already an extensive dealer network around the world based on other RS Sailing classes where distribution and customer service meet expectations....'
COST: 'The (RS Aero) pricing information is credible'
COST UNIVERSALITY: 'The (RS Aero) has been designed for freight efficiency...' , '...saving space when stacking hulls for transport...'  
The next step is the World Sailing Mid-Year Conference where the World Council will vote on keeping the existing equipment or taking the advice of the Evaluation Panel that they sought. This takes place on the 19th May in London.  

08/04/2019 18:19:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2148
Olympic One Person Dinghy Equipment Evaluation
Valencia, Spain - March 2019

The combined team representing both RS Sailing and the RS Aero Class association had an excellent trip to Valencia for the Olympic Single-Hander Sea trials to investigate the alternatives for both the Men's and Women's events following the Board of World Sailing’s recommendation last year that new Olympic equipment is selected.....


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