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RS Aero UK Womens Championship - Hayling Island SC, Hants, UK
23/09/2023 - 24/09/2023


RS Aero UK Womens Championship - Hayling Island SC, Hants, UK, 23/24 Sept 2023

45 RS Aero Ladies made their way to Hayling Island, excited for the 3rd RS Aero UK Women's Championships. Visitors travelled from as far away as Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands with the huge home ladies fleet at Hayling well represented. The weekend started with some excellent pre-event training ashore from Sammy I-J, giving excellent tips surrounding rigging, controls and depowering.

Saturday was looking light, however by launch time the wind had built to a good 10-12 knots, and all were delighted by the beautiful conditions. 37 Ladies chose to race in the RS Aero 5 fleet, making for a highly competitive fleet throughout. A small but perfectly formed fleet of RS Aero 6's was accompanied by Amanda in her RS Aero 7.

Race 1 provided some division in the RS Aero 5s, with the majority of the fleet heading right to avoid the tide and a few choosing the left hand side. The lead was taken by Kate Morrison (Emsworth) heading up the left side on the second beat.

Lots of place changes took place in the RS Aero 6 fleet due to the shifty conditions. Sarah Mitchell (Hayling) lead the 1st lap, until later realising the need for a compass as she over confidently sailed down a header and lost a number of places on lap 2. Sarah Smith (Hayling) pulled through to 1st place on second beat, as did Amanda (Hayling) , who unfortunately had not studied the course and commenced a 3rd lap, letting Sarah M back into 2nd.

The wind increased for race 2, and similarly to race 1 the RS Aero 5 fleet split up the beat, with Kate, Iona Willows (Lymingtom) and Tracey Covell (Hayling) battling it out for 1st place. Kate took her second win of the weekend.

In the RS Aero 6s, Sarah S finished by a strong margin followed by the other Hayling ladies all of which possibly used a little local knowledge of waves as both downwinds offered beautiful surfing opportunities.

Race 3 started with a large lead for the RS Aero 5 sailors who chose the left side, however a combination of wind shifts and decreasing pressure meant that by the top of the second place things were looking tight. Iona pulled through from the left, just taking the win from Tracey and Kate.

There was more place changing at the front of the RS Aero 6 fleet with Christina Cunningham (Ballyholme) moving into the lead but doing penalty turns at the last windward mark, losing the lead to Sarah S. Almost a photo finish with Carol Fiddaman (Hayling) just sneaking in 3rd ahead of Anne Marie Wood (Hayling).

The sail home was a long one, but a lovely welcome of gin provided by RS at the tally board was much appreciated, as well as a lovely meal and evening awaiting us!

Sunday looked challenging, a strong breeze combined with low tide for some exciting racing inside the harbour. Many sailors had already committed to not leaving the shore, however peer pressure and guts (mainly peer pressure) did get some of us out! Racing took place up the channel on a turning tide, resulting in the days tactics being much simpler than those from Saturday - keep the boat flat and go fast!

Race 4 for the RS Aero 5s started with a general recall, with the second start getting away with only one casualty! Kate and Iona fought it out, despite Iona doing penalty turns off the start line! They were keenly chased by Georgia Booth (Hayling) and Fiona Pyke (Hayling).

Only the 4 Hayling RS Aero 6's ventured out, and we said goodbye to all our visitors. Sarah S led for the first lap, and Carol was lost temporarily to a capsize on the first run - coming down the run on port tack approaching the leeward gate, faced with a wall of RS Aero 5s on starboard who had just started after a general recall. The 6s just managed to hook round the gate and head up wind a few boat lengths ahead of the leading 5s. Anne-Marie led at end of second beat but capsized gybing around the mark and lost her lead to Sarah S who was hot on her heels with Sarah M close behind.

Everyone was getting rather tired by Race 5, our final race of the event due to the 1 hour postponement that morning. Again, the 5s forced a general recall, being dragged over by Kate at the committee boat! The second start was all clear, and Iona took a massive lead from the get-go, resulting in claps from the safety fleet upon finish! This was enough to tie the RS Aero 5 result overall between Kate and Iona, with the title going to Kate by virtue of her three 1st places.

Sarah S left us to it for the last race in the RS Aero 6s, and again Anne Marie almost saw victory and was 1st to the windward mark, only to see it ripped away again with a specular capsize allowing a terrified Sarah M to slip through and have her moment of victory, closely followed by Carol.

It was an absolute pleasure to see so many ladies out at HISC this weekend. Both visitors and locals enjoyed some amazing racing and a fabulously friendly weekend bringing RS Aero females together from across the UK. Big thank you to the gents, who provided services by trolley dolly-ing or support on the water - they were very encouraging! Thank you to Hayling for hosting this event and the fantastic Saturday meal, as well as Rooster for the amazing prizes!

Summer 2023 Gallery for more and larger photos thanks to Emma Toman.
HISC Event Gallery thanks to Paul Ravenhill
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Next up for the UK RS Aeros are Opens at Notts County on the 30th Sept and the RS Aero Sustainability Challenge at Spinnaker on 7th Oct, together with two Championships; the RS Aero Scottish Champs at Dalgety Bay on 7/8th Oct and the RS Aero UK Inland Champs at Draycote on 14/15th Oct.
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RS Aero 5
1. Kate Morrison (Emsworth SC)
2. Iona Willows (Lymington Town SC)
3. Tracey Covell (Hayling Island SC) (1st Grand Master)
1st Master - Hilary Baker (Hayling Island SC) in 5th
RS Aero 6
1. Sarah Smith (Hayling Island SC) (1st Grand Master)
2. Sarah Mitchell (Hayling Island SC) (1st Master)
3. Anne Marie Wood (Hayling Island SC)
RS Aero 7
1. Amanda Simpson (Hayling Island SC)

5 Races, 1 Discard
RS Aero 5                    
Rank Sail Name Club Category R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Nett
1st 4465 Kate Morrison Emsworth SC   1 1 -3 1 3 9 6
2nd 3330 Iona Willows Lymington Town SC   -10 2 1 2 1 16 6
3rd 2904 Tracey Covell Hayling Island SC Grand Master 2 3 6 (38OCS) 2 51 13
4th 3854 Georgia Booth Hayling Island SC   3 -8 5 3 4 23 15
5th 3747 Hilary Baker Hayling Island SC Master -8 4 2 6 5 25 17
6th 3815 Fiona Mayo Lymington Town SC Master 6 9 -17 5 6 43 26
7th 3182 Jody Wincer Hayling Island SC Master -19 5 4 12 9 49 30
8th 2736 Fiona Pyke Hayling Island SC Grand Master -14 7 10 4 11 46 32
9th 3896 Kato Childs Hayling Island SC   12 6 -21 7 8 54 33
10th 1397 Lizzie Judson Hayling Island SC Master -13 12 9 8 7 49 36
11th 4274 Emma Warner Guernsey YC Master 11 -13 8 11 10 53 40
12th 2811 Anka Staite Hayling Island SC Master 4 11 15 -17 13 60 43
13th 2321 Claire Power Emsworth Slipper SC Master -18 14 7 14 12 65 47
14th 1182 Christina Alison Bembridge SC   7 16 13 13 (38DNC) 87 49
15th 3767 Jo Hewitson Hayling Island SC Grand Master -20 10 14 10 15 69 49
16th 1109 Debbie Caldwell Hayling Island SC Grand Master -21 15 16 9 14 75 54
17th 2322 Linda Stokes Hayling Island SC Master -27 17 11 19 19 93 66
18th 2725 Christine Harper Hayling Island SC Grand Master 15 20 -26 20 20 101 75
19th 3931 Helen Bailey Hunts SC Master 23 24 -27 16 16 106 79
20th 1575 Liz Hill-Smith Papercourt SC Grand Master -31 23 23 18 17 112 81
21st 1849 Nicci Kilpatrick Hayling Island SC Grand Master 28 22 -30 15 18 113 83
22nd 1149 Rosie Berry Hayling Island SC Master 5 18 24 (38RET) 38DNC 123 85
23rd 2530 Clare Gamble Hayling Island SC Master 25 -29 18 21 21 114 85
24th 3534 Carina Rickards Hayling Island SC Master 22 21 12 (38RET) 38DNC 131 93
25th 4285 Isabelle Martin Dalgety Bay SC Grand Master 16 19 25 (38DNC) 38DNC 136 98
26th 3899 Anna White Hayling Island SC   -33 28 31 22 22 136 103
27th 3196 Emily Bray Hayling Island SC Master 24 26 22 (38DNC) 38DNC 148 110
28th 2470 Katherine Edgecombe Hayling Island SC Master 30 25 19 (38DNC) 38DNC 150 112
29th 2286 Evelyn Tinker Papercourt SC   29 27 20 (38DNC) 38DNC 152 114
30th 1006 Sophie Stockton Maidenhead SC   9 (38RET) 38DNC 38DNC 38DNC 161 123
31st 3806 Suzie Hammett Hayling Island SC Grand Master 17 (38RET) 38DNC 38DNC 38DNC 169 131
32nd 1030 Jane Thompson Hayling Island SC Grand Master 35 33 28 (38DNC) 38DNC 172 134
33rd 3043 Emma Toman Hayling Island SC Master 36 32 29 (38DNC) 38DNC 173 135
34th 4293 Sue Wingrove Hayling Island SC Grand Master 34 31 32 (38DNC) 38DNC 173 135
35th 3803 Paula Bentley Felpham SC Master 32 30 (38RET) 38DNC 38DNC 176 138
36th 2288 Clare Jones Hayling Island SC Master 26 (38RET) 38DNC 38DNC 38DNC 178 140
37th 1 Lottie Sparkes Chichester YC   37 (38DNC) 38DNC 38DNC 38DNC 189 151
RS Aero 6                    
Rank Sail Name Club Category R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Nett
1st 2570 Sarah Smith Hayling Island SC Grand Master 1 1 1 1 (8DNC) 12 4
2nd 3193 Sarah Mitchell Hayling Island SC Master 2 2 -5 3 1 13 8
3rd 2287 Anne Marie Wood Hayling Island SC Master -4 3 4 2 3 16 12
4th 4286 Carol Fiddaman Hayling Island SC Grand Master -6 6 3 4 2 21 15
5th 4427 Christina Cunningham Ballyholme YC Master 3 4 2 (8DNC) 8DNC 25 17
6th 4183 Catherine Hemsley Felpham SC Grand Master 5 5 6 (8DNC) 8DNC 32 24
7th 2883 Hilary Sparkes Chichester YC Master 7 (8RET) 8DNC 8DNC 8DNC 39 31
RS Aero 7                    
Rank Sail Name Club Category R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Nett
1st 2747 Amanda Simpson Hayling Island SC   1 1 1     3 3

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