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Palermo International Training Camp and Regatta - Circolo della Vela Sicilia, Palermo, Sicily, Italy
18/03/2022 - 20/03/2022


Palermo International Training Camp and Regatta - Circolo della Vela Sicilia, Mondello, Palermo, Sicily, Italy, 18-20 March
Three days training followed by a race day.

The convoy of 24 RS Aeros on 3 vehicles left Rome after competing there at Tognazzi Marine Village two weeks earlier. They arrived off the ferry from Naples early in the morning the day before the event allowing time for the Sardinian Youth Team and some local Sicilian youths to get afloat for a long day on the water training and test sailing before the event started.

International Umpire, Luigi Bertini, led the training sessions with a focus on Rule 18 at the windward mark and Rule 42 on propulsion. Marco Iazzetta used GPS tech for performance analysis in an attempt to gauge differentials whilst Peter Barton was on hand to advise on RS Aero specifics.

Large waves with medium/light breeze.
Technique - dynamic relationship between body movement, main sheet and steering
Sail settings - A powerful sail, but don’t over do it
Hiking - Effective and efficient
Downwind Stance - Agile and comfortable to help turn in waves
Start Line Saves - the moment when you need to commit to Plan B
Rule 18 - Who has mark room? Who has right of way? Tacking…
Another Interesting training day in Sicily! Again we had very large waves with medium breeze, but this time the wind was coming straight out of the cliffs of Monte Pelligrino (how does that work?!) and the waves were rolling at 90’ across the wind direction - great for acceleration but very tempting to surf fast away from your destination!

DAY 3 - Race Day!
3 races as the breeze slowly filled in and the Sicilian sun came out!

Congratulations to all the winners, all the competitors and supporters for a fabulous event, Circolo della Vela Sicilia for being excellent hosts and of course to the organisational mastermind building the Italian RS Aero Class - Guido! 

The Tognazzi Rome fleet generously left two of their RS Aeros on loan in Sicily to help grow the local fleet there. We look forward to returning again in greater numbers as the class continues to grow. Mondello has excellent sailing, beaches, mountains and cuisine - everyone should take an opportunity to visit!

A large Italian team is set to travel to the UK this summer for the RS Aero Youth Worlds and RS Aero European Championship at the RS Games and the team have an exciting schedule preparing in the build up to it.

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RS Aero 5
1st - Chiara Sussarello, LNI Sulcis, Sardinia
2nd - Elias Nonnis, LNI Sulcis, Sardinia
3rd - Alberto Autore, Circolo della Vela Sicilia, Mondello

RS Aero 7
1st - Filippo Vincis, LNI Sulcis, Sardinia
2nd - Giulio Sirolli, Tognazzi Marine Village, Rome
3rd - Lorenzo Matta, LNI Sulcis, Sardinia

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