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Lymington Town SC Open - Hampshire, UK
15/05/2021 - 15/05/2021


Lymington Town SC Open - Hampshire, UK, 15th May
WOW what a day! 65 RS Aero sailors arrived at Lymington full of anticipation. This was a new RS Aero Class record for attendance at a one day open meeting, a few more than the epic Bloody Mary race of 2020, and the forecast was fully loaded!
The tide was set to turn half way through the racing, which is perfect for a varied race day. However, a south-westerly wind was also expected to build against that tide to create an increasingly exciting sea state and wind strength. The fleet was duly forewarned of the likelihood of progressively testing conditions and the probability of wobbly water. However, they could also looked forward to the earlier races being much easier, which would then provide something for everyone. The stage was set for a big day on the western Solent, it was going to be memorable and the hosts were keen to try to ensure that those memories were pleasant ones!
True to forecast, sailors arrived with an easterly wind. As they rigged there was not a breath. Sailing to the race area in a gentle 6kn from the southwest they must have wondered what all the fuss was about! Right on cue for Race 1 start time the wind rose to 12kn which then saw a very pleasant 12-14kn through the race, beating against the tide. By Race 2 the wind had built to a feisty 18kn, gusting 23kn, and the tide was starting to turn. As the last boats finished the wind then started to drop right off with the fleet sitting in a northerly of about 5kn under postponement for just 20 minutes between races.
Thanks to WeatherFile at Hurst the race officer knew the SW breeze was coming back at us with a vengeance. As it hit the 5 minute gun sounded for the final race with the course already set perfectly square as if by magic! A 'fresh but not quite frightening' 20kn wind gusting 25kn against a strong ebb put the fleet to the test as tide waves quickly built. Forewarned is forearmed and the fleet managed admirably. Wild rides downwind produced several capsizes as sailors were challenged by the western Solent waves, however, for the large part they self rescued and continued on their way with the safety cover never stretched.
The series was set at 3 races and no discard with the racing deemed too valuable to throw a third of the day away by dropping a score! Therefore the challenge for the racers was to keep alphabet scores off their results sheet. That was not so easy with the challenging conditions and with the tide sweeping sailors over the start line several sailors eventually fell foul of the Black Flag later in the day.
There was some spectacular sailing in the strong winds across the reaches of the trapezium with the run providing the test of balance and handling whilst veering through the confused sea. Once at the leeward mark the western solent conveyer belt was full engaged, ready to sweep everyone on a free ride upwind back to the top mark again!
Greg Bartlett (Starcross) and Peter Barton (Lymington Town) swapped the 1sts and 2nds in the RS Aero 7 fleet with Peter's first two race wins enough to seal the title. A consistent 4,3,4 secured third for Noah Rees (Torpoint&Cawsand) just ahead of Craig Williamson (Staunton Harold). Paul Bartlett (Starcross) took the Masters title in 8th after a quick dip in Race 2 cost a few points. Top Youth was Sam Brackley (Felpham).
Ex RS Aero 5 World Champ Andrew Frost (Sutton Bingham) came to form after the breeze arrived with a dominant 2,1,1 with rising star and Top Youth Will Homewood (Lymington Town) in 2nd with a solid 4,2,2. Richard Bullock (Itchenor) won Race 1 to take 3rd overall. Top Lady and double Gold Medallist Sarah Gosling (Keyhaven) made light work of her RS Aero 5 in the breeze after being more used to hiking an Yngling flat for 4th, pipping Euan Etheridge (Lymington Town) in 5th.
Many Thanks to the small army of Lymington Town SC volunteers that it takes to but on an event like this. Race officer Rob Martin expertly enabled a completed schedule of excellent racing on what was a very testing but rewarding day. Thanks to Rooster, Harken, Selden and Noble Marine for the awesome spread of prizes.
Next Up for the UK RS Aeros is the RS Aero UK Southern Championships at WPNSA in Weymouth on 29/30th May and online entry is open!
Jason Ludlow braved the elements to capture the action. Check out his 272 wet and wild action packed hi-res images that are available for purchase here;
Movie by Jason Ludlow 


3 races, no discard
(Results have been updated to differentiate OCS/BFD from DSQ and correct the points for letter scores)
RS Aero 5                  
Rank Class Sail Helm Club M / Y Lady Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
1st RS Aero 5 1312 Andrew Frost Sutton Bingham SC     2 1 1 4
2nd RS Aero 5 2936 Will Homewood Lymington Town SC Youth   4 2 2 8
3rd RS Aero 5 3305 Richard Bullock Itchenor SC     1 7 6 14
4th RS Aero 5 2919 Sarah Gosling Keyhaven YC   Lady 3 6 5 14
5th RS Aero 5 1551 Euan Etheridge Lymington Town SC Youth   9 3 4 16
6th RS Aero 5 1568 Caitlin Atkin Starcross YC   Lady 5 4 7 16
7th RS Aero 5 3661 Graham Tribbeck Lee-on-Solent/ Hill Head SC     15 5 3 23
8th RS Aero 5 2505 Tom Wharmby Lymington Town SC Youth   12 9 9 30
9th RS Aero 5 1566 Abby Hire Lymington Town SC Youth Lady 7 17 8 32
10th RS Aero 5 3303 Sammy Isaacs-Johnson Maidenhead SC     6 8 23DNC 37
11th RS Aero 5 1705 Kate Wharmby Lymington Town SC Youth Lady 14 13 10 37
12th RS Aero 5 3700 Beth Milledge Lymington Town SC   Lady 18 10 12 40
13th RS Aero 5 2146 Simon Topping Poole YC     17 12 13 42
14th RS Aero 5 2551 Julie Willis Lymington Town SC Master Lady 19 15 11 45
15th RS Aero 5 2949 Jenny Bennett Lymington Town SC Master Lady 8 16 23DNC 47
16th RS Aero 5 2620 Emma McEwen Royal Lymington YC   Lady 13 11 23DNC 47
17th RS Aero 5 2677 Jeff Jackson Lee-on-Solent SC Master   16 14 23DNC 53
18th RS Aero 5 2571 Sarah Desjonqueres Highcliffe SC   Lady 10 23DNC 23DNC 56
19th RS Aero 5 2468 Dave Hairs Highcliffe SC     11 23DNF 23DNC 57
20th RS Aero 5 3017 Sue Hunter Highcliffe SC Master Lady 20 23DNC 23DNC 66
21st RS Aero 5 2955 Mark Hawkins Highcliffe SC Master   23DNC 23DNC 23DNC 69
21st RS Aero 5 1402 Peter Conway Lymington Town SC Master   23DNC 23DNC 23DNC 69
RS Aero 7                  
Rank Class Sail Helm Club M / Y Lady Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
1st RS Aero 7 3597 Peter Barton Lymington Town SC     1 1 2 4
2nd RS Aero 7 3174 Greg Bartlett Starcross YC     2 2 1 5
3rd RS Aero 7 73 Noah Rees TorpointMosquito/CawsandBay     4 3 4 11
4th RS Aero 7 2719 Craig Williamson Staunton Harold SC     3 4 7 14
5th RS Aero 7 3000 Steve Norbury Warsash SC     9 7 3 19
6th RS Aero 7 3535 Andy Kilburn Lymington Town SC     5 8 8 21
7th RS Aero 7 1590 Chris Hatton Lymington Town SC     6 10 6 22
8th RS Aero 7 3438 Paul Bartlett Starcross YC Master   10 9 5 24
9th RS Aero 7 2890 Andrew Rawson Weston SC     7 15 9 31
10th RS Aero 7 1843 Chris Jenkins Bowmoor SC     8 11 12 31
11th RS Aero 7 2464 Tim Hazel Warsash SC     15 14 13 42
12th RS Aero 7 3342 Jack Miller Felpham SC     12 21 10 43
13th RS Aero 7 3675 Nigel Rolfe Burghfield SC Master   19 19 16 54
14th RS Aero 7 3397 Matt Perkins Lymington Town SC     22 23 14 59
15th RS Aero 7 1891 Samuel Brackley Felpham SC Youth   27 20 15 62
16th RS Aero 7 2572 Andy Hill Warsash SC Master   25 22 17 64
17th RS Aero 7 2738 Spike Daniels Hayling Island SC Master   17 6 44DNC 67
18th RS Aero 7 2673 Jonathan Burns Spinnaker SC Master   11 17 44DNC 72
19th RS Aero 7 1038 Nicholas Thorne Warsash SC     28 27 18 73
20th RS Aero 7 1232 Tim Norris Warsash SC     18 13 44DNC 75
21st RS Aero 7 3688 Paul Gardner Stokes Bay SC     44DSQ 24 11 79
22nd RS Aero 7 2114 Fernando Gamboa Lee-on-Solent SC     24 12 44BFD 80
23rd RS Aero 7 2384 Simon Geyman DatchetWater/LymingtonTown     13 26 44DNC 83
24th RS Aero 7 3023 Richard Watsham Starcross YC / RNSA     23 16 44BFD 83
25th RS Aero 7 2922 Andrew Wishart Broadwater SC     21 18 44DNC 83
26th RS Aero 7 3328 Klaus Harris Swanage SC     36 5 44DNC 85
27th RS Aero 6* 69 Julius Hornung Dubai Offshore SC     29 44BFD 19 92
28th RS Aero 7 2199 Chris Bunce Lymington Town SC     30 25 44DNC 99
29th RS Aero 7 3326 Peter Chaplin Burghfield SC Master   14 44DNF 44BFD 102
30th RS Aero 7 2204 Alan Markham Lymington Town SC Master   31 28 44DNC 103
31st RS Aero 7 3669 Chris Rust Portsmouth SC     16 44DNC 44DNC 104
32nd RS Aero 7 3391 Roop Stock Royal Lymington YC     20 44DNC 44DNC 108
33rd RS Aero 7 0 Edward Parsons Emsworth SC     26 44DNC 44DNC 114
34th RS Aero 7 1490 Graham Platt Highcliffe SC     32 44DNC 44DNC 120
35th RS Aero 7 1031 Stuart Philbey Datchet Water SC     33 44DNC 44DNC 121
36th RS Aero 7 1224 Adrian Whaley Swanage SC Master   34 44DNC 44DNC 122
37th RS Aero 7 2504 George Hoskins Datchet Water SC Master   35 44DNF 44DNC 123
38th RS Aero 7 1813 Simon Etter Datchet Water SC Master   37 44DNC 44DNC 125
39th RS Aero 7 1332 Nicholas Ryley Royal Lymington YC Master   44DNF 44DNC 44DNC 132
39th RS Aero 7 2542 Chris Hughes Warsash SC Master   44DNC 44DNC 44DNC 132
39th RS Aero 7 2543 Robin Russell Warsash SC     44DSQ 44DNC 44DNC 132
39th RS Aero 7 2836 James Rusden Highcliffe SC     44DNF 44DNC 44DNC 132
39th RS Aero 7 3170 Nigel Dakin Seafarers SC     44DNC 44DNC 44DNC 132
*Prototype RS Aero 6 sailing with the RS Aero 7s 

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