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The Bloody Mary (Sailjuice) - Queen Mary SC, West London, UK
11/01/2020 - 11/01/2020


RS Aeros at the The Bloody Mary 
Queen Mary SC, West London, UK, 11th Jan
Wow what a day! A whopping 61 RS Aeros entered with the 37 RS Aero 5s scoring a recent history* record for largest Class at the Bloody Mary (and any SailJuice Winter Series event ever!) and also for the RS Aeros as the largest entry from any family of Classes with 61. A huge achievement from a modern Class still just 5 years old!
The temperatures were a relatively mild 10'C and the rain held off. However, the wind blew over 20kns with gusts frequently hitting 30kn during the day. With the wind's direction directly onshore launching down QM's steep shelving banks looked daunting with such a high proportion of young sailors in the fleet.
5 years ago just 5 RS Aeros competed at the Class' first Bloody Mary with Team Luxembourg flying in to try out the Class and sample this iconic mass crazy English event. Launching conditions were similar then, with 30kn gusts blowing onto the steep shoreline. We successfully carried the RS Aeros into the water that day, enjoying the revelation of the easily handled light weight RS Aero hull at the one of the Class' first outings.
So, a mass plan was already in place to lift the large fleet of RS Aeros bow first into the water without trollies. Several teams of the bigger sailors and parents assisted the smaller & younger ones. Whilst 2 adults can easily lift an RS Aero, this was conducted super safely with at least 4 people to each boat for ease and in case anyone slipped. Sailors jumped in, inserted their daggers and had their rudders flicked down for them as they were pushed off. The 61 RS Aeros were all safely afloat and ready to race in no time at all! Check out the Timelapse Launch Movie thanks to Anthony May.
The total entry for the mass mixed Class Pursuit Race race this year was 288. The Toppers were the first to start at 12:00 with 150 minutes to race until 14:30. The RS Aero 5s were set to start 25 minutes after the Toppers, giving them a 7 minute head start on the RS Aero 7s. They in turn had a 5 minute lead on the RS Aero 9s. The breeze was piping up at start time and the fleet of 37 RS Aero 5s looked awesome off the start line as they set off in pursuit of the Radials and Solos who had strated just a couple of minutes earlier.
Racing the Bloody Mary is all about making good sustained progress. You need to cover the course as quickly as possible, overtaking slower boats efficiently in the hope that by the end of the race few of the high performance chasing pack will catch you.
For a non trapeze boat on a windy day the RS Aeros did fantastically overall! Tim Hire in his RS Aero 7 was Top-Aero claiming a brilliant 11th place overall. Tim caught Ned Stattersfield, the 1st RS Aero 5 sailor who finished 12th, just before the finish. Peter Barton was close behind in 14th, unable to quite catch speedy Ned in the last few minutes. 3rd RS Aero 7 has Noah Rees in 26th, fresh home from his 3rd place at the World Champs in Australia. Ellie Craig raced an RS Aero 5 this time to finish 2nd in Class and 27th overall with Sam Blaker 3rd RS Aero 5 in 33rd. Chris Larr led the RS Aero 9s home in 59th overall with Greg Bartlett not far behind.
Interestingly there was a good even mix of RS Aero 5s and RS Aero 7s through the fleet. This demonstrated a reasonable match of PYs on the day and suggests a successful evolvement of the PY numbers over the last few years as good data has become available.
The Bloody Mary was the 5th of 8 rounds in the Selden SailJuice Winter Series and the RS Aeros are holding their own on the results sheets. The RS Aero 7 Class' successful day now puts them in close contention for the Top-Class spot. Tim Hire continues to lead the Youth division and Abigail Larr holds 3rd overall in the Juniors. In the Ladies results Ellie Craig holds 3rd, ready to pounce on the top spot. SailJuice Results
NEXT UP in the Selden SailJuice Winter Series is the King George Gallop on Sunday 26th, closely followed by Rutland's Tiger Trophy on the 1/2nd Feb and the RS Aero UK Winter Champs at the Oxford Blue on Saturday 15th Feb.
*since good records and the 350 total limit


RS Aero Results
288 entries, 185 finishers 
Rank Class Sail Helm Club
11th RS Aero 7 2439 Tim Hire Lymington Town SC
12th RS Aero 5 2325 Ned Stattersfield Wells-Next-The-Sea SC
14th RS Aero 7 2813 Peter BARTON Lymington Town SC
26th RS Aero 7 2875 Noah Rees Torpoint Mosquito SC
27th RS Aero 5 2603 Ellie CRAIG Draycote Water SC
33rd RS Aero 5 2071 Samuel Blaker Thorpe Bay YC & Benfleet YC
35th RS Aero 5 1164 Matthew TAYLOR Royal Mersey Yacht Club
39th RS Aero 7 3003 Ben ROLFE Burghfield SC
41st RS Aero 7 2441 Jeff DAVISON Island Barn SC
44th RS Aero 5 1096 Fergus Pye Draycote Water SC
49th RS Aero 5 3042 Jonathan Bailey Grafham Water SC
50th RS Aero 5 2966 David Peaty Upton Warren SC
51st RS Aero 7 2188 Mark ADDISON Upper Thames SC
52nd RS Aero 7 3000 Steve NORBURY Warsash SC
59th RS Aero 9 2891 Chris LARR Northampton SC
62nd RS Aero 5 3127 Fred Barry Warsash SC
63rd RS Aero 5 2356 David Calder Burghfield SC
66th RS Aero 7 3005 Nigel ROLFE Burghfield SC
68th RS Aero 7 2890 Andrew RAWSON Weston SC
70th RS Aero 7 2550 Chris JONES Sutton Bingham SC
72nd RS Aero 9 2600 Greg BARTLETT Starcross YC
78th RS Aero 5 1551 William Homewood Lymington Town SC
85th RS Aero 5 1809 Iona Willows Dorchester SC
86th RS Aero 5 2317 Theodore Deverell Hunts SC
95th RS Aero 7 1785 Ben HUTTON-PENMAN Burnham SC
97th RS Aero 7 2114 Fernando GAMBOA Lee on the Solent SC
99th RS Aero 5 2748 Oliver Hickling Wembley SC
103rd RS Aero 5 1231 Madeline Bilbrough Hayling Island SC
113th RS Aero 5 1888 Abigail LARR Northampton SC
119th RS Aero 5 2505 Tom Wharmby Royal Lymington YC
123rd RS Aero 7 2001 Simon GEYMAN Datchet Water SC
129th RS Aero 5 3018 Robin CAIGER Bough Beech SC
139th RS Aero 5 2214 Yana Skvortsova Island Barn SC
144th RS Aero 5 1705 Kate Wharmby Lymington Town SC
146th RS Aero 5 2713 Ollie WILLIAMSON Weir Wood SC
147th RS Aero 5 1301 Emily DAVIS Great Moor SC
149th RS Aero 5 1135 James SMAGGASGALE HOAC
150th RS Aero 5 1566 Abby Hire Royal Lymington YC
151st RS Aero 5 1491 Flo Hawker South Cerney SC
154th RS Aero 5 3073 Alice Lucy Rutland SC
159th RS Aero 5 1846 Megan Rhodes Paignton SC
162nd RS Aero 5 2929 Elliot Toms Fowey Gallants SC
167th RS Aero 5 3065 William James Paignton SC
177th RS Aero 5 1175 Natasha Sion Lymington Town SC
186th RS Aero 7 2922 Andrew WISHART Broadwater SC
186th RS Aero 7 3043 Philip BAILEY Grafham Water SC
186th RS Aero 7 3175 Gareth GRIFFITHS Island Barn SC
186th RS Aero 7 2502 Peter CHAPLIN Burghfield SC
186th RS Aero 7 1589 Brendan O'LEARY Island Barn SC
186th RS Aero 7 2572 Andy HILL Warsash SC
186th RS Aero 5 1096 James WALTERS Great Moor SC
186th RS Aero 5 2462 Sasha Tydeman Lymington Town SC
186th RS Aero 5 2724 Josie Meredith Papercourt SC
186th RS Aero 7 3072 Charlie WARHURST Pennine SC
186th RS Aero 5 1215 Cameron Sword Papercourt SC
186th RS Aero 5 1183 Phoebe Willcocks Alton Water SC
186th RS Aero 5 2708 Maisie Bristow Island Barn SC
186th RS Aero 5 1844 Johnny Woolgar Papercourt SC
186th RS Aero 7 2100 Oliver RANDALL-MAY Chichester YC
186th RS Aero 5 1047 Dan Meadowcroft Upper Thames SC
186th RS Aero 7 1345 Tom Croome Tatingstone Valley SC

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