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RS Aero UK Inland, Ladies and Masters Championships, UK
13/10/2018 - 14/10/2018


RS Aero UK Inland, Ladies and Masters Championships - Chew Valley LSC, Bristol
13/14th October 
Thanks to Andrew Frost for his report;

Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club played host to the RS Aero UK Inland, Ladies, and Masters Championship on the 13/14 October which was also the 5th round of the RS Aero UK Southern Circuit series.

It looked like it was going to be a fresh Saturday thanks to Storm Callum. 53 Aero sailors arrived to patchy blue skies but a hefty breeze averaging above 30 knots. This was a great turnout considering the forecast, even after a further 9 pre-entered sailors had stayed home with the storm warning. A postponement was made before the proposed 12pm start. Unfortunately, the wind didn’t moderate enough by the 2pm review and racing was cancelled for the day.
Thankfully, social secretary extraordinaire, Greg Bartlett, had organised dinner for 40 at the Bear and Swan, 5 minutes from the club, where the majority of the sailors went to fuel up for the next day.
The wind had now eased, and a nice 12 knot breeze greeted the sailors, but instead of bright blue skies, the rain fell. This didn’t stop any sailor’s enthusiasm to go out though. A triangle-sausage course was set, with 2 windward marks, the shorter one being used for the RS Aero 5 fleet. The 31 strong ‘7’ fleet started first, and the ‘5’ and ‘9’ fleets followed together, 5 minutes later.

RS Aero 5
The first race saw a hugely impressive start by Lynn Billows of RS Sailing in her first RS Aero event by port tacking the entire RS Aero 5 and 9 fleets to slingshot herself into a good lead! Sammy Isaacs-Johnson decided that being first to the 5’s windward mark wasn’t enough for him, so he decided to sail further to the 7 and 9’s mark and give the rest of the fleet a head start. Sammy recovered to win (I don’t know how!) with local Chew sailor Derian Scott and James Dowrick from Pothpean SC 2nd and 3rd. Sammy continued his fine form to win the other 3 races, and take the Inland crown with one race to spare. Following Sammy in the 2nd race was Lynn in 2nd and Derian in 3rd. James came back in races 3 and 4 where the wind increased to 18knots, finishing 2nd in both, to finish 2nd overall, one point in front of Derian, who finished 3rd and 5th in the last two races to also take the first Lady prize.

First Youth in the 5’s went to Iona Willows from Dorchester SC. First Master was Julie Willis from Lymington Town and first Grand Master Maggie Dunn of Lyme Regis.

Sammy’s top tip of the day was; ‘It always helps to remember to read the course before starting’.

RS Aero 7
In race 1, Andrew Frost nailed a port tack flyer (if I say so myself) but was pegged back very quickly by race winner Noah Rees, who managed the wind shifts brilliantly up the beats, and right at the death by Tim Hire, who managed to round the final mark just in front of Frost. The 2nd race finished the same, with the front 3 eking out a good distance in front of the rest of the fleet. As mentioned, race 3 brought a large increase in wind, which added a now very fast couple of reaches which brought large smiles to the sailors. Noah continued to dominate the fleet, holding off Mark Riddington from Emsworth Slipper and Chris Jenkins from Bowmoor to win, just like Sammy, the Inland Championships with a race to spare, plus the accolade of top Youth.. The final race was key to deciding the remaining podium spots, with Andrew and Tim holding 2nd and 3rd before the final race. However, it was Chris Jenkins who won race 4 to jump him up to 2nd overall, with Noah second in the race and local Chew sailor, Nick Martindale in 3rd. These results meant Tim held on to 3rd overall, with Andrew slipping to 4th.

First Lady was Caitie Atkin, who revelled the windier conditions. First Master was Peter Chaplin from Burghfield and first Grand Master was John McKeown of Lancing.

Noah’s tip was; ‘Make sure you really make use of the downhaul, as it was key to his success as a lightweight in the windier weather’.
RS Aero 9
Peter Barton and Ben Rolfe battled out the first race, with some swapping around the course in the gusts and shifts. Greg Bartlett came through to take 3rd. Peter continued his winning ways in Race 2, with Ben recovering to 2nd thriough the fleet to finish 2nd with Matt Thursfield 3rd. Just like the 5’s and 7’s, Peter won the event with one race to spare, winning the third race ahead of Ben again, with Greg 3rd. Ben took Race 4, cementing his overall position of 2nd, with Greg 2nd and Matt 3rd, meaning Greg finished 3rd overall.
First Master went to Andy Warren from Avon SC.
Peter’s top tip is; ‘Remember to let the downhaul and kicker off again in the lulls to re-gain power’.

In the strong gusts several sailors wiped out and righting their boats would often find a great lump of weed hanging from the mast top! You had to see it to believe it, definitely a ‘badge of bravery’ rather than a ‘stain of shame’!

A massive thank you to all of the volunteers from Chew who helped at the event. Without their dedication, the event wouldn’t have been such a success with the weather we had.
A huge thank you to Rooster and Noble Marine for supporting a great prize haul, allowing all the categories to be awarded.
Photos - thanks to Mike Pearce and Primrose Salt
Autumn 2018 Gallery for larger photos 

Next up is the Chelmarsh RS Aero Open this Saturday 20th followed by the big all RS Classes 'End of Seasons' at Rutland on 3/4th November to close the season, the final event of both the RS Aero UK Northern and Southern Circuits!
The Winners 
RS Aero 5
Overall; 1st Sammy Isaacs-Johnson, 2nd James Dowrick, 3rd Derian Scott
Lady; 1st Derian Scott, 2nd Lynn Billowes, 3rd Jenny Bennett
Master; 1st Julie Willis 2nd Cathy Bartram, 3rd Margaret Dunn
Grand Master; 1st Margaret Dunn
Youth; 1st Iona Willows, 2nd Elliot Toms

RS Aero 7
Overall; 1st Noah Rees, 2nd Chris Jenkins, 3rd Tim Hire, 4th Andrew Frost, 5th Mark Riddington
Lady; 1st Caitlin Atkin, 2nd Rachael Jenkins, 3rd Lorrian Wells
Master; 1st Peter Chaplin, 2nd Chris Jones, 3rd John McKeown
Grand Master; 1st John McKeown
Youth; 1st Noah Rees, 2nd Tim Hire, 3rd Andrew Frost

RS Aero 9
Overall; 1st Peter Barton, 2nd Ben Rolfe, 3rd Greg Bartlett
Master; 1st Andy Warren, 2nd David Partridge, 3rd Mark Lambdin


4 races, 1 discard
RS Aero 5 Class
Rank Sail Helm Club Lady Age R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett
1st 2552 SammyIsaacs-Johnson Maidenhead SC     -1 1 1 1 4 3
2nd 2416 James Dowrick Porthpean SC     3 -5 2 2 12 7
3rd 1506 Derian Scott Chew Valley LSC Lady   2 3 3 -5 13 8
4th 2435 Lynn Billowes RS Sailing Lady   -6 2 5 3 16 10
5th 1302 Jenny Bennett Lymington Town SC Lady   -4 4 4 4 16 12
6th 1809 Iona Willows Dorchester SC Lady Youth 5 6 6 -9 26 17
7th 2100 Julie Willis Lymington Town SC Lady Master 10 -11 7 6 34 23
8th 2615 Cathy Bartram Chew Valley LSC Lady Master -8 8 8 7 31 23
9th 1 Tilly Gregson Starcross YC Lady Youth 9 -10 9 8 36 26
10th 1773 Rosemary Dillworth Bowmoor SC Lady   7 9 11 (14DNC) 41 27
11th 1296 Margaret Dunn Lyme Regis SC Lady GMaster 11 -12 10 10 43 31
12th 1777 Catherine Hemsley Felpham SC Lady Master 12 7 (14DNF) 14DNC 47 33
13th 1454 Elliot Toms Fowey Gallants SC   Youth 13 13 12 (14DNC) 52 38
RS Aero 7 Class
Rank Sail Helm Club Lady Age R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett
1st 2545 Noah Rees Torpoint Mosquito SC   Youth 1 1 1 -2 5 3
2nd 2028 Chris Jenkins Bowmoor SC     -7 4 3 1 15 8
3rd 2439 Tim Hire Royal Lymington YC   Youth 2 2 -8 5 17 9
4th 1312 Andrew Frost Sutton Bingham SC   Youth 3 3 -4 4 14 10
5th 2553 Mark Riddington Emsworth Slipper SC     5 5 2 -7 19 12
6th 2147 Nick Martindale Chew Valley LSC     4 -11 6 3 24 13
7th 2415 Jack Miller Felpham SC   Youth 6 9 -11 6 32 21
8th 2502 Peter Chaplin Burghfield SC   Master -17 10 5 8 40 23
9th 2427 Nigel Rolfe Burghfield SC     -13 7 9 10 39 26
10th 2550 Chris Jones Sutton Bingham SC   Master 9 6 -15 14 44 29
11th 1568 Caitlin Atkin Whitstable YC Lady Youth 12 -23 7 12 54 31
12th 1739 David Cherrill Broadwater SC     11 -12 12 9 44 32
13th 2053 Clive Goodwin Burghfield SC     16 8 -19 13 56 37
14th 1672 Richard Bentley Felpham SC     15 15 13 -17 60 43
15th 2168 Tomaso Macchi Weston SC     -20 14 14 15 63 43
16th 1843 Rachael Jenkins Bowmoor SC Lady   8 20 16 (32DNC) 76 44
17th 2581 Peter Craggs York RI SC     -21 16 20 11 68 47
18th 1140 Nick Edmonds Chew Valley LSC     18 13 17 (32DNS) 80 48
19th 2604 Andy Harris Tamesis SC     10 17 24 (32DNC) 83 51
20th 1921 Charles Clapham Chew Valley LSC     23 18 10 (32DNC) 83 51
21st 1490 Graham Platt Highcliffe SC     -28 22 18 20 88 60
22nd 2225 John McKeown Lancing SC   GMaster -27 24 21 18 90 63
23rd 1637 Lorrian Wells Highcliffe SC Lady Master -26 25 23 16 90 64
24th 2285 Roger Cowan Burghfield SC     25 21 (32DNC) 19 97 65
25th 2362 Claire Geoghegan Brightlingsea SC Lady   24 -26 22 21 93 67
26th 2609 Steve Roberts Torpoint Mosquito SC     19 19 (32DNC) 32DNC 102 70
27th 2148 Gareth Griffiths Island Barn RSC   Master 14 (32DNC) 32DNC 32DNC 110 78
28th 1120 Jae Jones Spinnaker SC   Master 22 27 (32DNC) 32DNC 113 81
29th 2535 David Crawford Chew Valley LSC   Master 29 28 (32DNS) 32DNC 121 89
30th 1566 Julian Hire Royal Lymington YC     30 (32DNF) 32DNC 32DNC 126 94
31st 2571 Sarah Desjonqueres Highcliffe SC Lady   (32DNF) 32DNC 32DNC 32DNC 128 96
RS Aero 9 Class
Rank Sail Helm Club Lady Age R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett
1st 2549 Peter Barton Lymington Town SC     1 1 1 (10DNC) 13 3
2nd 2428 Ben Rolfe PeligoniClub,Zakynthos     -2 2 2 1 7 5
3rd 2600 Greg Bartlett Starcross YC     3 -4 3 2 12 8
4th 1744 Matt Thursfield RYA     -5 3 5 3 16 11
5th 1485 Andy Warren Avon SC   Master 4 -6 4 4 18 12
6th 1331 Rory Cohen Frampton on SevernSC     -9 5 7 5 26 17
7th 1135 Phil White Frampton on SevernSC     6 -7 6 6 25 18
8th 1656 David Partridge Chelmarsh SC   Master 7 8 -9 7 31 22
9th 1654 Mark Lambdin Bradford On Avon SC   Master 8 9 8 (10DNC) 35 25
Master = 55+, Grand Master = 65+, Youth = Under 19 (all on 31st Dec 2018)

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