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Reports & Results


01/01/2015 - 22/02/2015


Interim results after 3 events

SailRacer have kindly produced a set of mid series results for us after the first 3 events.
Don't pay too much attention at this stage to the overall positions as they are currently scored as '3 events, 3 to count' whereas our whole serious will ultimately be;
'6 events, best 2 events (only) to count, of which at least 1 counter must be either; Oxford (3 Jan) or Bowmoor (15 Feb)'.
Great to see 29 boats involved so far!
27 of those boats only need 1 more event to achieve a series result, so see if you can make Northampton (24Jan), Bowmoor (15Feb) or Grafham (22Feb).
Our (RS Aero WS) Notice of Series allows helms to use different rigs for different events and count them all as one entry.


11175RS Aero 9Peter BARTON30.011.032.0
21093RS Aero 9Peter TOWNEND30.085.043.0
31062RS Aero 9Martin BARRETT1.
41205RS Aero 5Pierre KIEFFER30.
51205RS Aero 9Ben PICKERING30.0230.062.0
61023RS Aero 7Gareth GRIFFITHS30.
71068RS Aero 9Al KECK30.0330.063.0
81206RS Aero 5André FRIEDERICH30.
91144RS Aero 9Jamie FREEMAN30.0430.064.0
101079RS Aero 7Paul ROBSON30.0530.065.0
111208RS Aero 9Matt THURSFIELD30.0630.066.0
121164RS Aero 5Will TAYLOR30.0730.067.0
131206RS Aero 9Chris FEIBUSCH30.0930.069.0
141007RS Aero 9Antony LYNALL30.01030.070.0
151183RS Aero 7George CATCHPOLE30.01130.071.0
161135RS Aero 9Phil WHITE30.01230.072.0
171089RS Aero 9Kent MARTIN30.01330.073.0
181107RS Aero 5Ben POE30.01430.074.0
191095RS Aero 9Tony JUKES30.01530.075.0
201133RS Aero 9Peter GALE30.01630.076.0
211173RS Aero 5Archie HAINSWORTH30.01730.077.0
221209RS Aero 9Jim HOOD30.01830.078.0
231207RS Aero 9Mark TISSIMAN30.01930.079.0
241092RS Aero 9Richard WOODS30.02030.080.0
251076RS Aero 9Martin HEWITT30.02130.081.0
261103RS Aero 5Robathan ROBATHAN30.02230.082.0
271156RS Aero 7Richard ROWE30.02330.083.0
281097RS Aero 9Chris JONES30.02430.084.0
291071RS Aero 7Peter CHAPLIN30.02530.085.0

14/1/2015 15:13

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