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RS Aero 6 - New Rig Adoption

08/12/2021 14:34:00
RS Aero 6 - New Rig Adoption

Following an extensive period of consideration, trialling, testing and consulting the UK RS Aero Class agreed at its 2021 AGM to propose the adoption of the RS Aero 6 rig to the International RS Aero Class. The UK Class' proposal was sent to the RS Aero leaders of every nation with 1% or more of the world's RS Aeros for them to seek the opinion of their committees, Class members or owners as appropriate for each evolving RS Aero nation. The responses were overwhelmingly positive in support of the UK Class' proposal to adopt the new rig size with many very keen and just a few comments of caution. The result is clearly conclusive for adoption.
The RS Aero 6 size fits a highly populated space where there is an evident gap between the RS Aero 5 & 7 rig sizes. A large number of current and future RS Aero owners are eager to have one which will grow the new RS Aero 6 fleet and with it the RS Aero Class as a whole.

Every fleet, club, region or nation can make their own decision on how they want to race and split their fleets appropriately for their spread of sailors and overall numbers. Many nations already run combined scoring, both Class and corrected time racing, which gives the best of both worlds and allows easy integration. Whilst continuing our ethos of being unrestrictive, we might expect a focus of the RS Aero 5 to be for younger sailors and the RS Aero 6 for small adults (particularly females). Additionally, it will provide inclusivity for a less physical alternative to the RS Aero 7 for ageing sailors and an attractive option for larger beginner sailors. This extra flexibility will also enable an important option for adults and youth who prefer to race in seperate fleets.

After a long period of consideration I feel the time is now right within the Class' evolvement and international support for the proposal.
RS Sailing are primed to begin production and to start taking orders. More exciting times ahead!

New rigs are available in the early part of 2022, with several bulk deliveries. 
UK purchasers can call RS Sailing now on 01794 526760 to get your order in and name on the waiting list. 
Non UK buyers contact your local RS dealer; https://www.rssailing.com/dealers/

It is our hope and intention that the 2022 UK Nationals at Paignton on 28-31 May will be the first Championship to include a new fleet of RS Aero 6s. Sailors hoping to compete will need to get their order in promptly though, before the waiting list extends beyond that date. 

RS Aero 6 Photos & Chat

RS Aero 6 to make handicap debut at King George Gallop, Jan 2022 - Three demo RS Aero 6 rigs are set to take on the 70 boat mixed fleet in London. If you are interested in trying out the RS Aero 6 at a mixed class event in the UK this winter or spring contact me to book. 

Photos below -
Salcombe RS Aero Open in September 2020, by Paul Gibbins Photograghy


Noah Rees puts a prototype RS Aero 6 rig to the test in extreme conditions off Lymington, UK, Nov 2020; 

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