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RS Aero Jousting - Umpire Eye in the Sky (by LPB Aerial Imagery)

Close encounters at the starboard end of the line.

Exiting a tight start.

Pre start positioning.

Aero Art - Pre start positioning.

Tacking away from the leeward boat.

Aero Art

Pre start positioning. Staying on port tack until late helps keep the options open.

Gaining an overlap from behind before the start. RRS 12 before the overlap. RRS 11 & 15 on gaining the overlap. RRS 16.1 if the leeward boat then changes course.

Pre-start circling

On the run. Enough room for 'Red Arms' to gybe onto starboard? When the situation changes from RRS 11 to RRS 10, RRS 15 must be met.

Windward mark and onto a run. The right side has the inside berth at the starboard hand bottom mark. The left side can come back with starboard or leeward rights. Which would you choose?

Pre start. Sailing away from the start line. Stopping the boat ahead gybing or tacking onto port.

Stopping the boat ahead from gybing or tacking onto port to get back to the start line. If 'Orange flash' can delay 'Red Arms' he can then lead back to the line and start ahead.

Windward boat trying to keep clear? RRS 11 Leeward boat giving enough room to keep clear? RRS 15 & 16.1

"Windward boat keep clear"

Windward boat tacks away.

Gaining an overlap from behind before the start. Giving room to keep clear? RRS 11, 15, then 16.1

RS Aero Jousting!

Luffing pre start. Head to wind or a little beyond? RRS 11 or 13?

Lee bowed? Not quite.

Windward mark and onto a run

Pre-start circling. Ample steering range with the rudder locked right over!

The super light epoxy/carbon Aeros were quick to accelerate in the match race scenarios

Lymington Town Sailing club are hosts to Round 2 of the 2015 RS Aero UK Series on 13/14th June

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