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3rd RS AERO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Black Rock YC, Melbourne, VIC, Australia Online Entries

Sail NoHelmRigCatClub
2914Christian Herr5Black Rock YC, VICAustralia
3063David Ellis5Lymington Town SCUnited KingdomPaid
3006Megan Ridgway5LSandringham YC, VICAustraliaPaid
CHARTERAttila Banyai5YBalatonfuredi YCHungary
3057Kazuya Suzuki5Hayama SCJapanPaid
3055Kazuyoshi Nakao5MHayama SCJapanPaid
1680Philippa Danks5 L Y Blairgowrie YS, VICAustraliaPaid
2675Sophie Jackson5LMornington YC, VICAustraliaPaid
2694Lachie Hartnett5YBlack Rock YC, VICAustraliaPaid
3091Ingrid Vinot5LHampton SC, VICAustraliaPaid
3059Naoko Masuda5LHayama SCJapanPaid
3064Maisie Bristow5 L Y Island Barn RSCUnited KingdomPaid
3050Lynn Billowes5LWarsash SCUnited Kingdom
3061Toshiro Ogaki5Hayama SCJapanPaid
3056Iona Willows5 L Y Dorchester SCUnited KingdomPaid
3060Sammy Isaacs-Johnson5Maidenhead SCUnited KingdomPaid
3058Lucy Greenwood5LOxford SC/ University of OxfordUnited KingdomPaid
3062Caitlin Atkin5 L Y Whitstable YCUnited KingdomPaid
2781Tabitha Stevenson5LLargs SC, SAAustraliaPaid
2048Aaron Flavell5Black Rock YC, VICAustraliaPaid
3066Andy Mack7Seattle YC, WAUnited States
2937Brian Case7MRoyal Geelong YC, VICAustraliaPaid
3120Marc Jacobi7MCedar Point YC, CTUnited StatesPaid
3007Simon Wilkins7Restronguet SCUnited Kingdom
2680Fleur Scrivens7LMount Martha YC, VICAustraliaPaid
1697Fred Davis7MMount Martha YC, VICAustraliaPaid
1704John Fordyce7MBlack Rock YC, VICAustraliaPaid
2779Tim Bardon7MSafety Beach SC, VICAustraliaPaid
2941David Sampson7Royal Prince Alfred YC, NSWAustraliaPaid
2691William MacKinnon7Balmoral SC, NSWAustraliaPaid
2696John Sampson7MRoyal Queensland YS, QLDAustraliaPaid
2913Daen Dorazio7Black Rock YC, VICAustraliaPaid
2915Simon Blake7Cookham Reach SCUnited KingdomPaid
3099Karl Gaebler7MMandurah Offshore F&SC, WAAustraliaPaid
2496Andrew Robertson7MBalmoral SC, NSWAustraliaPaid
3052Giles Peckham7MGurnard SCUnited KingdomPaid
2825Chris Brain7Sugarloaf SC, VICAustraliaPaid
3085Tim Knight7MRoyal Lymington YCUnited KingdomPaid
2046Nick Collis-George7MBalmoral SC, NSWAustraliaPaid
3067Cathrine Karlson7LRisor SeilforeningNorwayPaid
3081John McKeown7MLancing SCUnited KingdomPaid
2822Pete Ellis7Sugarloaf SC, VICAustraliaPaid
2498Rob Debenham7MMount Martha YC, VICAustraliaPaid
3084Richard Payne7Oxford SCUnited KingdomPaid
3083Peter Craggs7York RI SCUnited KingdomPaid
2818Peter Milne7MBlack Rock YC, VICAustraliaPaid
2730David Parry 7Mount Martha YC, VICAustraliaPaid
1696Alister Danks7Blairgowrie YS, VICAustraliaPaid
2819Jack Wilson7YRoyal Melbourne YS, VICAustraliaPaid
3051Colin Bristow7Island Barn RSCUnited KingdomPaid
3053Jane Peckham7 L M Gurnard SCUnited KingdomPaid
CHARTERBill Stewart7MHillarys YC, WAAustraliaPaid
3080Ned Stattersfield7YWells-Next-The-SeaUnited KingdomPaid
3071Jens Roehrssen7Segelverein Weser SVWGermanyPaid
CHARTERMichael Parks7YRoyal Geelong YC, VICAustraliaPaid
2675Rhett Gowans7Mornington YC , VICAustraliaPaid
3082Karl Thorne7Lymington Town SCUnited KingdomPaid
2042Michael Savery7MBalmoral SC, NSWAustraliaPaid
3065Alan Markham7MUpper Thames SCUnited KingdomPaid
1074Brendan Chaplin7MBlack Rock YC, VICAustraliaPaid
1189Ron Fergusson7MAlbert SC, VICAustraliaPaid
2500Michael O'Brien7MRoyal Brighton YC, VICAustraliaPaid
2695David Kentish7Mount Martha YC, VICAustraliaPaid
3086Peter Barton7Lymington Town SCUnited KingdomPaid
3069Noah Rees7Torpoint Mosquito SC/ Cawsand Bay SCUnited KingdomPaid
1196Glenn Attrill9Avalon SC, NSWAustraliaPaid
1194Andrew Giles9MLake Cullulleraine YC, VICAustraliaPaid
3087David Rickard9MGurnard SCUnited Kingdom
3119Liam Willis9Lymington Town SCUnited KingdomPaid
3088Derek Bottles9Seattle YC, WAUnited StatesPaid
2820Jason Wilson9Royal Melbourne YS, VICAustraliaPaid
3054Alex Newton Southon9Lymington Town SCUnited Kingdom
1188Simon Reffold9Balmoral SC, NSWAustraliaPaid
2049David Andrew9MMount Martha YC, VICAustraliaPaid
3118Keith Willis9MLymington Town SCUnited KingdomPaid

L = Lady
M = Master
Y = Youth

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