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RS Aero UK National Champs & International Open - East Lothian YC, North Berwick, Scotland, UK Online Entries

Sail NoHelmRigCatClub
2038Peter HauptSG HengsteyseeGermanyPaid
2739Lou Boorman5 L Y Dale Yacht ClubUnited KingdomPaid
1596Henry Rastrick5Yorkshire Dales SCUnited KingdomPaid
2531Jamie Rastrick5YYorkshire Dales SCUnited KingdomPaid
2724Melissa Meredith5LPapercourt SCUnited KingdomPaid
1096Harrison Pye5YDraycote WSCUnited KingdomPaid
2386Fiona Rigg5LEast Lothian YCUnited KingdomPaid
2150Jackie Craven5 L M Scammonden SCUnited KingdomPaid
2146Nick Craven5Scammonden SCUnited KingdomPaid
2966David Peaty5YUpton Warren SCUnited KingdomPaid
1594Julie Archer5 L M Ullswater YCUnited KingdomPaid
1705Kate Wharmby5 L Y Royal Lymington YCUnited KingdomPaid
1844William Caiger5YSevenoaks SchoolUnited KingdomPaid
CHARTERLiina Kolk5LSaaremaaMS/ PiritaSvertpaadiklubiEstonia
CHARTERGiles Baker5YRoyal Thames YCUnited KingdomPaid
2442Jonathan Bailey5YGrafham SCUnited KingdomPaid
CHARTERJosie Meredith5 L Y Papercourt SCUnited KingdomPaid
2105Lily Barrett5 L Y Island Barn RSCUnited KingdomPaid
2552Sammy Isaacs-Johnson5Maidenhead SCUnited KingdomPaid
1454Elliott Toms5YFowey Gallants SCUnited KingdomPaid
1964Alice Lucy5 L Y Rutland SCUnited KingdomPaid
2553Mark Riddington7Emsworth Slipper SCUnited KingdomPaid
2543Steve Norbury7Warsash SCUnited KingdomPaid
2708Maisie Bristow7 L Y Island Barn RSCUnited KingdomPaid
1568Caitlin Atkin7 L Y Whitstable YCUnited KingdomPaid
2719Craig Williamson7Staunton Harold SCUnited KingdomPaid
2503Dan Bird7Lymington Town SCUnited KingdomPaid
2750Richard Kennedy7Emsworth Slipper SCUnited KingdomPaid
1415Keith Escritt7MYorkshire Dales SCUnited KingdomPaid
2582Nick Neve7MRutland SCUnited KingdomPaid
2907Ed Storey7Yorkshire Dales SC United KingdomPaid
1020Richard Pye7Draycote WSCUnited KingdomPaid
2922Andrew Wishart7Broadwater SCUnited KingdomPaid
1118Gareth Williams7Leigh and Lowton SCUnited KingdomPaid
1265Angus Boyd7MEast Lothian YCUnited KingdomPaid
1846Steve Fraser7MEast Lothian YCUnited KingdomPaid
CHARTERBruce Millar7East Lothian YCUnited KingdomPaid
2502Peter Chaplin7MBurghfield SCUnited KingdomPaid
2738Spike Daniels7Hayling Island SCUnited KingdomPaid
1653Richard Butler7MCovenham SCUnited KingdomPaid
2581Peter Craggs7York RI SCUnited KingdomPaid
2572Andy Hill7Warsash SCUnited KingdomPaid
1581Steve Stewart7RYAUnited KingdomPaid
2155Iain McGonigal7MEast Lothian YCUnited KingdomPaid
CHARTERMartin Roots7Tata Steel SCUnited KingdomPaid
2505Neil Wharmby7Royal Lymington YCUnited KingdomPaid
CHARTERBen Wilcox7East Lothian YCUnited KingdomPaid
2429Robin Caiger7Bough Beech SCUnited KingdomPaid
2288Paul Gardner7Stokes Bay SCUnited KingdomPaid
2439Tim Hire7YRoyalLymYC / LymTownSCUnited KingdomPaid
2325Ned Stattersfield7YWells-Next-The-SeaUnited KingdomPaid
CHARTERKingsley Brown7MGurnard SCUnited KingdomPaid
CHARTERAnts Haavel7Pirita SvertpaadiklubiEstonia
1747Andrew Cooney7MBroadwater SCUnited KingdomPaid
1739David Cherrill7MBroadwater SCUnited KingdomPaid
2106Roscoe Martin7YOgston SCUnited KingdomPaid
2649Kent Martin7Ogston SCUnited KingdomPaid
1715Jane Peckham7 L M Gurnard SCUnited KingdomPaid
2603Ellie Craig7LDraycote WSCUnited KingdomPaid
CHARTERIan Fitzgerald7Port Edgar YCUnited KingdomPaid
2550Chris Jones7MSutton Bingham SCUnited KingdomPaid
2427Nigel Rolfe7MBurghfield SCUnited KingdomPaid
2318Karl Thorne7Lymington Town SCUnited KingdomPaid
1909Jorn Domres7MSV HarlebuchtGermanyPaid
2299John Wilcox7MEast Lothian YCUnited KingdomPaid
2875Noah Rees7TorpointMosquito/ CawsandBaySCUnited KingdomPaid
CHARTERMark Cole7GWV de VrijbuiterNetherlandsPaid
1336Joe Gallivan7Lymington Town SCUnited KingdomPaid
2813Peter Barton7Lymington Town SCUnited KingdomPaid
1810Jeremy Higson9MBartley SCUnited KingdomPaid
1926Jon Shaw9East Lothian YCUnited KingdomPaid
2832Clive Harries9MYorkshire Dales SCUnited KingdomPaid
2527Robbie Lawson9East Lothian YCUnited KingdomPaid
1331Rory Cohen9Frampton-on-Severn SCUnited KingdomPaid
1171Ffinlo Wright9Isle of Man YCUnited KingdomPaid
2955Liam Willis9Lymington Town SCUnited KingdomPaid
2600Greg Bartlett9Starcross YCUnited KingdomPaid
2865Ben Charnley9YSnettisham Beach SCUnited KingdomPaid
2369Tom Ehler9Lymington Town SCGermanyPaid
2428Ben Rolfe9Burghfield SCUnited KingdomPaid

L = Lady
M = Master
Y = Youth

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