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Hi Robin  Hope you are well

We are just reviewing Class Rule updates at the moment.  We will clarify any ambiguity, but so long as the mount is attached on the centre line between the back of the mast and the front of the vang cleat it is OK if the compass itself is slighlty offset. 

You appreciate that it is not legal to use a speed puck or any other instrument other than a timer during class racing.

Have a good weekend

11/06/2021 17:25:00
David Rickard
Posts: 58
Hi Robin,
I have moved your query to the 'Class Rules - Queries & Suggestions' section for David Rickard to respond to.

09/06/2021 16:28:00
Peter Barton
Posts: 3280

Have finally bitten the bullet and ordered a Tacktick Compass but had a heart stopping moment when I saw the price of the carbon mounting bracket - £74!  I intend to use the cheap (£1.31) mounting bracket to attach to the button on the centreline and make up my own bracket with polyester or epoxy and a bit of woven mat or carbon mat.  Thoughts on this?
Does the compass have to be on the centreline line?  I had in mind a bracket which would attach to the button on the centreline, with the compass offset to one side and a mounting for, say a GoPro, on the other side.  I seem to remember seeing a picture of something like this but can not find it again.

09/06/2021 16:00:00
Yotter/Robin Gray
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