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Home >> RS Aero Class Rules - Queries >> Centerboard and Rudder Edges'' Cross-Sections Shaping
11/09/2019 18:54:00

David Rickard
Posts: 49
Hi Mike
See CR C6.1.5 and definitions.  The repair can extend more than 3mm from the edge so long as the other requirements are met.

10/09/2019 22:44:00

Peter Barton
Posts: 2493
(Posted for Mike Johnson) 

I had several dings in the trailing edge of my centerboard that were repaired with thickened epoxy then faired back to the original chord width and profile.
One of the dings extended about 5 to 6 mm from the edge. See attached photo. My reading of Rule C.8.1(g) limits repairs to 3 mm from the trailing edge.
This seems overly restrictive for a repair. Am I missing something?
Mike Johnson

10/09/2019 17:49:00

David Rickard
Posts: 49
Hi Dave
Thanks for your query.   This is answered in C8.1(h) "It is not permitted to vary the designed chord width, profile or shape of either the rudder or the daggerboard from that Originally Supplied.", see also C6.1.5. This rule was included to allow removal of any imperfections occuring during the molding, for example any projection on the center line.  However, RS produce such a high quality product that the rudder and centerboard rarely have these imperfections.  That the rule therfore rarely has any use. 


10/09/2019 15:18:00

Dave Watt
Posts: 1
Per Class Rules C.8.1 (f) and (g) the forward 20 mm of the centerboard's and rudder's leading edges may be sanded, filled, and/or painted, and the aft 3 mm of the trailing edges may also be sanded, filled, and/or painted.  Please clarify if there are any limitations to the cross-section shaping in these areas.


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